Minnesota Vikings

Philadelphia Sports Continues To Troll Vikings Fans


If I had just dropped an alien onto Earth and told them the Philadelphia Eagles are the Super Bowl champions, they would naturally come to one conclusion.

The Eagles defeated the Minnesota Vikings to win Super Bowl LII last February 41-33 to win the franchise’s first Vince Lombardi Trophy.

Well, as we know, that isn’t exactly true.

The New England Patriots took that Big L in Minneapolis in February but the Vikings fan base keeps paying a hefty bill for the Eagles winning the Super Bowl in their building. Of course, the Vikings were clowned two weeks earlier by the Eagles in the NFC Championship Game.

During Monday and Wednesday’s Philadelphia 76ers games at Wells Fargo Center, the playoff-bound Sixers welcomed number one overall pick Markelle Fultz into the lineup for the first time in the regular season.

In his two games back, Fultz has been mostly greeted by a chant that might sound familiar to Vikings fans.

Eagles fans mocking the SKOL chant simply is not going away. It’s definitely not going away in time for the 2018 opener in Philly.

All Vikings fans wanted to do was become the first team in NFL history to play a Super Bowl in their home stadium. After the Minneapolis Miracle it seemed they were destined to do so.

Now, the winter of their discontent continues…incredibly, through the Philadelphia 76ers.

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