Carson Wentz

Somehow, Carson Wentz Secured Chick Fil-A On A Sunday

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at Seattle Seahawks

Carson Wentz is leaving no stone unturned in his quest to get back on the football field and lead the Philadelphia Eagles to a Super Bowl victory he claim his own.

Wentz took to his Instagram story on Sunday to promote a special day for his AO1 Foundation, which involves Chick Fil-A. If you purchase the tremendous #1 meal combo on Friday, May 11 (Chick Fil-A sandwich, waffle fries, and a drink), the fast-food chain will take $1.00 from the purchase and donate it to Wentz’s foundation.

Besides the event, Wentz also noted that he somehow was able to get Chick Fil-A food on a Sunday. Of course, Chick Fil-A is famous for not opening on Sundays due to their religious stance.

Chick Fil-A gives up serious bank by not being open on Sundays. Religious beliefs as reasoning for not opening on Sunday makes plenty of sense. However, serving a celebrity? Meh, I don’t know about that…unless Wentz is willing to give up how he made this happen.

Then, perhaps we shouldn’t question his tactics.

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