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Drew Bledsoe Says Tom Brady’s Met Gala Attire Was Questionable

Heavenly Bodies: Fashion & The Catholic Imagination Costume Institute Gala - Red CarpetDrew Bledsoe, the man who preceded Tom Brady as the quarterback of the New England Patriots, had some hilarious words to describe his friend’s attire at Monday night’s Met Gala event in New York City.

By now, the world knows that Tom Brady looked like a villain ripped out of a James Bond film or someone casted in Black Panther with his black turtleneck and patterned black blazer.

While speaking to Boston media prior to the Celtics ending their NBA playoff series with the Philadelphia 76ers in five games, Bledsoe said Brady looked like he should be “parking cars at a casino.

“It’s like he lost a bet or something. I mean seriously, it was like a costume party. But I guess when you’re married to a supermodel, you’ve gotta take some fashion chances. … I would certainly go (to the Met Gala), but I’m not wearing the gold lapels. Come on, come on. He looked like he should have been parking cars at a casino.”

Brady has been buried on the internet since appearing at the Met Gala this week with wife Gisele Bundchen.

I can’t imagine he was thrilled looking like he was “parking cars at a casino.” While Brady loves his family, I’m sure he can’t wait to get back onto the football field and shed those gold lapels.

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