Philadelphia Eagles

The Merrill Reese Radio Call Of The Eagles “Clear Recovery” Play Was Amazing


The Philadelphia Eagles didn’t play well for much of Sunday’s 29-23 overtime loss to the Dallas Cowboys. Their struggles in the first half led to a 6-0 Dallas lead at halftime.

Philly’s day seemingly got off to a great start when Malcolm Jenkins forced a fumble on the game’s opening kickoff that appeared to be recovered by the Eagles. However, when controversy arose over whether the ball was out altogether, another problem came to light.

After a long replay, it was decided that while Jenkins did force the fumble, the Eagles did not have a “clear recovery” of the football despite numerous Eagles and seemingly, no Cowboys near the ball.

Philadelphia Eagles play-by-play radio announcer Merrill Reese was apoplectic about the decision to allow Dallas to keep the football:

While the play didn’t decide the game despite the protestations of some Eagles fans, it’s pretty evident that it set a rather negative tone for the Birds from the jump.


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