Minnesota Vikings

It Appears Adam Thielen Is Upset With The Kirk Cousins Experience

Seattle’s 21-7 win over the Minnesota Vikings on Monday Night Football caused quite the frustrating experience for the players in the white and purple. 

Late in the game and with the Seahawks a 21-0 lead, Vikings wide receiver Adam Thielen appeared to voice his frustrations with a microphone in the area. Thielen, who got into a dust up with New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick last week, could be heard saying “should have been all f—ing day” after making a catch in Seahawks territory.

Thielen’s frustrations were very understandable. While he finished 70 yards on five receptions, he wasn’t targeted in the first half of the game. Perhaps the game’s most pivotal moment saw Minnesota trailing 6-0 midway through the fourth quarter while driving inside of the Seahawks 10.

A fourth down throw from Cousins went to a well-covered Kyle Rudolph instead of the seemingly open Thielen. After Monday night’s loss, Minnesota is still in the playoff picture at the NFC’s sixth spot. However, they can’t afford too many, if any, more of these no show efforts.

That especially rings true for the $84 million quarterback Cousins, who finished 20 of 33 for 208 yards and a touchdown. It sounded like a slightly functional performance on paper. Yet, it fell well short of the mark…just ask Adam Thielen.

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