Super Bowl LIII

Super Bowl LIII Live Blog: Atlanta


After falling to the Philadelphia Eagles last February, the New England Patriots are back in the Super Bowl again – this time to take on coaching wunderkind Sean McVay and the Los Angeles Rams in Super Bowl LIII.


6:25: I love Gladys Knight so much. Glad to see her out there. NOW LET’S PLAY SOME FOOOOOOTBALLLLLL!!!!!!

6:31: Rams defer….HMMMMMM….


6:32: Cordarrelle Patterson takes the opening kickoff and brings it out near the Patriots 40.

6:33: Michel rips off a 13-yard run into Rams territory…

6:35: On Brady’s first throw he gets intercepted on a tipped pass. Rut roh. Bad throw that wobbled to Chris Hogan.

6:38: Patriots survive Brady’s error and force a Rams punt and three and out….however, a major missed opportunity by the Patriots  to get points on the board early. Not sure how long they’ll be able to hold off the Rams offense in this game.

6:47: A helmet-to-helmet call extends New England’s second drive…it’s against Nickell Robey-Coleman. Saints fans just threw up in their mouths.

6:51: Rams force the Patriots to use two timeouts on their second drive. Strange start for the Patriots. Looks like they are looking for specific things and aren’t quite seeing them. Victory for the Rams.

6:56: The good times roll for the Rams. The Annual Stephen Gostkowski Missed Kick of Doom appears as Jim Nantz tells us no one has missed a kick in this stadium….until now. Rams ball. Still scoreless after a missed 46-yard field goal.

7:05: The Rams move the ball across midfield but come up incomplete on a 3rd and 3. Looked like they had a fake cooked up on 4th down and couldn’t get to it because of a delay of game. PUNT.

7:11: Patriots cross midfield but a strip sack on Brady that New England recovers kills the drive….and so does Aaron Donald, who forces an incomplete pass of Brady on third down. PUNT.

7:12: Were we expecting anything else?



7:16: Rams go nowhere deep in their own end. Jared Goff is getting passes slapped around on third down. Another punt.

7:24: Our national nightmare is over. The Patriots muster together a drive to put punts on the board courtesy of some big plays by Julian Edelman. However, they come up short on a 3rd 9. This time around, Gostkowski connects on a field goal try.


7:32: Rams are gifted a first down after a Robert Woods catch but can’t keep the drive going in Patriots territory after an incomplete pass by Goff to Josh Reynolds.

7:36: Patriots go three and out on following drive. Sometimes they can’t block the Rams and sometimes they can’t read the coverages. Weird performances by New England. Credit the Rams D.

7:42: Goff makes perhaps a worse play than Brady’s interception. He takes a huge third down sack on a 3rd and 2 that murders a Rams D. PUNT.

7:53: Patriots go for it on 4th and 1 and go incomplete deep in Rams territory on a pass to Rob Gronkowski. New England can’t run and can’t get anyone open other than Julian Edelman.

7:58: You think the Rams will take advantage right? WRONG. A series of incomplete passes lead to the Rams punting…and just like that, a defensive-heavy first half is over.


8:09: Best moment of the first half:


8:33: Drive of the game coming up here. The Rams hit a 16-yard to Gurley moments after Donta Hightower almost intercepts Goff. Perhaps a turning point in the game….Also, Patriots safety Patrick Chung is injured and it appears to be serious.

8:42: New England forces a punt and then get a big throw Julian Edelman deep out of their own end. However, the New England drive dies near midfield on 3rd and 2. They force a punt and down it inside the Rams 5. We could be here all night without seeing a touchdown the way this game is going.

8:49: Johnny Hekker delivers a 65-yard punt, which could be huge considering where the Patriots could have gotten the ball. The 2015 Broncos D is back out on the field.

8:54: Patriots go three and out. Woof.

9:03: POINTS. The Rams hit a big play to Robert Woods on third down inside the Patriots 30. However, Hightower sacks Goff all the way back at the 36-yard line. Legatron Greg Zuerlein hits 53-yard field goal to tie the game.


9:11: The Patriots offense tonight is coughing up so many opportunities. They literally need one touchdown and they’ll probably win the game. As the third quarter closes they string together some nice runs but now face a monster 3rd and 4 as the fourth quarter begins.



9:18: Patriots fail to convert on a 3rd and 4 and are forced to punt. The Rams are a big play away from “blowing this opening” or having it “blowing up on them.”

9:26: Brutal sequence for the Rams. After a 3rd and 11 holding call against the Patriots to continue the drive, they face a 3rd and 22 and come up with a Gurley run that gets bombed for a loss. This is one for the books.

9:34: FINALLY. A GOAT SPOTTED IN ATLANTA. Brady and Gronk combine on two monster throws – the second landing the Patriots inside of Rams 5. A play later, Sony Michel runs it in from the 2.


9:42: The Rams are poised to tie the game up UNTIL…..Patriots defensive coordinator Brian Flores sends the house and Goff is intercepted by Stephon Gilmore.

9:50: The Patriots play beat the clock and summons a drive behind all runs, which they should have done from the jump. Instead of a 4th and inches play, they opt for a Gostkowski field goal….and he nails it. BALL GAME.


Summary: Julian Edelman is the Super Bowl MVP with 10 catches for 141 yards. It wasn’t the prettiest game but in the end, it doesn’t matter how you did it. There are no style points, folks. Far from Tom Brady’s best tonight but when it mattered. Alas, the worst nightmare of Steelers fans is here. The Patriots in one fell swoop have tied the Steelers for most Super Bowls victories. You know what that means? Onto number 7….

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