Super Bowl LIII

The Not-So-Official JMRA Super Bowl LIII Drinking Game

Los Angeles Rams v New England Patriots

The JMRA Super Bowl Drinking Game is out and on the loose in time for Patriots and Rams on Sunday. Please party responsibly on Sunday…especially if you’re a Saints fans. It will be ok…the sun will come out tomorrow.

One drink:

  • When Jim Nantz says “Hello Friends”
  • Every touchdown pass.
  • Every time Tony Romo goes “OOOOHHHHH”
  • Every catch by Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman.
  • A Super Bowl rematch is mentioned
  • Aaron Donald sack
  • A Todd Gurley rushing touchdown.
  • Every time Gisele Bundchen is shown.
  • Every time CJ Anderson’s weight is mentioned.
  • Highlights are shown from Super Bowl XXXIV – the last Super Bowl in Atlanta that also happened to be won by the St. Louis Rams.
  • If Malcolm Butler’s Super Bowl winning interception from Super Bowl XLIX is shown.
  • Every Maroon 5 mention.
  • Every Big Boi mention
  • Every Travis Scott mention.
  • Every time you hear “Jason and Devin McCourty are twins.”
  • Every “Chris Hogan played lacrosse” reference.
  • If Stephen Gostkowski misses a field goal or extra point (he has done that at least once in the last two Super Bowls).
  • A Joe Montana mention.
  • Every time Rutgers is mentioned.
  • Roger Goodell appears on camera
  • Every time Tony Romo correctly guesses a play.
  • Highlights of Super Bowl XXXIV.

Two drinks

  • Every Tom Brady QB sneak.
  • A Jared Goff rushing touchdown happens.
  • A Tom Brady rushing touchdown.
  • Tom Brady wins Super Bowl MVP.
  • James White wins Super Bowl MVP.
  • Jared Goff wins Super Bowl MVP
  • N’damukong Suh is called for a personal foul.
  • A Patriots completion over 20 yards.
  • A list of Tom Brady’s Super Bowl records is listed on screen.
  • A Todd Gurley receiving touchdown.
  • A Chris Hogan touchdown catch.
  • A James White touchdown catch.
  • A camera shot of Patriots owner Robert Kraft.
  • A camera shot of Rams owner Stan Kroenke.
  • A 28-3 reference is made.
  • If the Patriots score a touchdown in the first quarter – NOTE: They never scored a first quarter touchdown in the previous eight Super Bowl appearances during the Brady/Belichick era.
  • If Robert Kraft slurs his speech during a postgame celebration talk.
  • Every Rams sack.
  • Every Patriots sack
  • A safety.
  • If we hear Rob Gronkowski and the retirement rumor.

Three drinks:

  • If New England wins the coin toss….and defers.
  • Ric Flair is at the game.
  • The traditional camera shot of Brady hugging and kissing owner Robert Kraft before the game starts.
  • A Gerald Everitt touchdown.
  • If you hear the term, “PSI.”
  • If you hear the term “Spygate.”
  • If Michael Vick is on the sideline.
  • Brady throws a deep pass to special teams ace Matthew Slater, which is a potential panic sign in New England’s offense when they face overpowering defenses.
  • A pick-six.
  • A special teams TD.

One shot:

  • If Bill Belichick smiles.
  • If Aaron Donald wins Super Bowl MVP.
  • If CJ Anderson scores two rushing touchdowns.
  • If we see the lady friend of either Sean McVay or Bill Belichick.
  • If we see Camille Kostek, the lady friend of Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski.

Two shots:

  • If CBS replays the Philly Special.
  • If any player takes a knee during the National Anthem.
  • Robert Woods wins MVP.
  • Brandin Cooks wins MVP.
  • Rob Gronkowski wins MVP.
  • Julian Edelman wins MVP.


  • A Patriots defensive player wins MVP.
  • If the game comes down to the final play.
  • Game goes into overtime.


Good luck to you and your liver.

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