Joe Montana

Joe Montana Has Put His Mansion Up For Sale – You Just Need $29 Million To Buy It

JoeMansionJust as they did back in 2009, Joe and Jennifer Montana are putting their Napa Valley mansion up for sale, according to TMZ Sports.

The Montanas have opted to place their 500-acre California mansion up for sale for a cool $29 million. The luxurious property includes a pool, a moat, a wine cellar that can hold over 3,000 bottles of wine, outdoor grill, a pizza oven, a pool, and a gym.

Previously, the Montanas attempted to sell their mansion for $49 million in 2009 but have been cutting the price down over the years. However, the family’s desire to eventually to stay at the property superceded its sale.

Nonetheless, with the Montana kids out of the house and adulting, the need for such a luxurious manor is unnecessary according to spokesperson Tina Tiffany.

Here’s hoping that whomever moves into that impressive piece of real estate is a worthy host. Then again, as Steve Young found out, following the Joe Cool is a tough act to follow.

Pardon me while I start counting my pennies to add towards the $29 million fund to buy the Montanas’ home.

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