Jimmy Garoppolo

Bayless: 49ers Should Dump Jimmy Garoppolo For Tom Brady

JimmyGSFNEFollowing San Francisco’s disappointing 31-20 loss in Super Bowl LIV to the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday, people are quickly playing the blame game with multiple 49ers figures including quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo.

Skip Bayless of FOX Sports 1 suggested the 49ers need to consider cutting Garoppolo and bring in someone who knows a thing or two about winning Super Bowls – New England Patriots quarterback and soon-to-be free agent Tom Brady.

During Undisputed with Shannon Sharpe on Monday, Bayless said that Garoppolo’s underwhelming Super Bowl performance should come with some consequences.

Bayless believes that since Garoppolo’s cap hit would be for just over $4 million, it would be relatively easy to move on. Thus, with Garoppolo out of the picture, signing Brady to a two-year deal would make plenty of sense for the NFC Champion 49ers.

Why would a 42-year-old Brady make sense for the 49ers, opined Bayless? Obviously, Brady has plenty of ties to the Bay Area including family and considering that is where he grew up. Plus, the four-time Super Bowl MVP grew up as a huge Joe Montana and San Francisco 49ers fan.

In practice, does a Garoppolo move for Brady work? Not really, it just doesn’t seem to make football sense for the 49ers…BUT, consider this for a moment. The 49ers are built for the right now.

Will Garoppolo’s development coincide with the team’s potential Super Bowl window?

That’s ultimately the trick. If the 49ers can be patient and wait for Garoppolo to develop into something more than a quarterback that finished the fourth quarter of Sunday’s Super Bowl by completing just three of his final 11 passes, they might be onto something.

However, if the 49ers believe their time is now to win, then something has to give. Personally, I think Bayless’s take is wild and just is not feasible.

Having said that, it was obvious during San Francisco’s three postseason games, Garoppolo was being protected. He attempted 58 passes in three games. For comparison sakes, Super Bowl LIV MVP Patrick Mahomes attempted 112 passes over the same three-game stretch.

If the 49ers want to get back to the Super Bowl and win it this time, the training wheels need to come off of Jimmy G immediately.

Otherwise, they may need to make a call to Foxboro.

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  1. Whomever wrote this, get the fuck out of here. Brady is done for. Jimmy is our quarterback and we are sticking with him. This was his first full season playing and he did awesome. From years back 4-12 to 13-3. Nfc champions. Wtf is wrong with you people. We lose some we win some. A fucken true fan will stick with his quarterback. Fuck brady. He should retire already.

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