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Sunday Scaries: Driving The Last Spike

Between Todd Gurley’s faux pas, the wild Sunday night battle between the Cardinals and Seahawks, and the big AFC battle between the Steelers and Titans, nothing may have been more important than what happened in Foxborough on Sunday evening.


49ERS 33, PATRIOTS 6: There is plenty of time left in the 2020 season (I think). However, I’m here to proclaim we saw the end of the line on Sunday. Yes, in part courtesy of the San Francisco 49ers, the 2-4 New England Patriots will very likely miss the playoffs this season and the dissolution of the NFL’s greatest dynasty ever will be in overdrive.

New England looks bad. Real bad. No speed on offense. No playmakers. Bad quarterback play. No consistent defense. Can they recover and win the AFC East? Possibly…but not likely.

The 49ers steamrolled the Patriots by 27 points in Foxbough and thoroughly crushed Bill Belichick’s crew on both sides of the football. San Francisco’s balanced attack stole the show, which nearly amassed 500 yards of offense. They pushed around the Patriots in their building – a rarity.

Jimmy Garoppolo came back to Gillette Stadium for the first time since being traded from the Patriots in 2017. He threw for 277 yards and a pair of picks.

Ah yes, speaking of interceptions, let’s talk about Cam Newton. The 2015 NFL MVP was benched following his third interception on a pass intended for Julian Edelman.

Newton was terrible on Sunday. He finished 9 of 15 for 98 yards with three interceptions. Gross. Belichick benched him and then, to add insult to injury, former 49ers quarterback Jeff Garcia went off on the the ex-Panthers quarterback due to his attire choices.

I’m not sure Garcia is the guy to carry that message out but to each his own.

The 49ers hop back into the hyper-competitive NFC West next week when they face the Seahawks without Jeff Wilson Jr. or Deebo Samuel on offense. Uh oh.

As for the Patriots, their run as a Super Bowl contender is over and they need a significant overhaul to reach their once lofty heights.

Patriots head coach Bill Belichick will need to give Patriots general manager Bill Belichick some suggestions on talent.


BUCCANEERS 45, RAIDERS 20: Another former Patriots quarterback was giving Pats fans more to feel sad about. The Bucs scored 21 unanswered points behind four touchdown passes from Tom Brady along with 369 yards.

This was a much closer game than the final score reflected. Heading into the fourth quarter, Tampa led by 7. Then, Brady and the Bucs went to work. The defense held the Las Vegas offense to just three points in the final quarter.

Brady’s final two touchdown passes helped him become the NFL’s all-time leader in touchdown passes with 559 (although, Drew Brees may have a word about that later).

Tampa hanging 45 on the Raiders was impressive. Can you imagine what will happen once they get Antonio Brown in the fold come Week 9?

CARDINALS 37, SEAHAWKS 34 (OT): This game kind of deserved to be a tie between the crazy coaching, Russell Wilson’s bizarre three-interception performance, and kickers doing kicker things in overtime.

With all due respect to Kyler Murray’s 400 yards plus of total offense and four touchdowns, Sunday night’s thrill-ride will be best remembered for D.K. Metcalf’s Herculean effort to Budda Baker from taking one to the house from nearly 100 yards out.

Not only did Baker not score but Arizona failed to score on the drive. Of course, Arizona had the last laugh by knocking off previously undefeated Seattle.

SAINTS 27, PANTHERS 24: Trailing by three points late in the fourth quarter in their loss to New Orleans on Sunday, Panthers head coach Matt Rhule called up a 65-yard field goal attempt by kicker Joey Slye.

Why did Carolina attempt to do that? Teddy Bridgewater took a sack on 3rd and 11 from the Saints 39.



STEELERS 27, TITANS 24: This was the proverbial game of two halves in a matchup between the AFC’s two undefeated teams. Pittsburgh dominated in the first half and built a 27-7 lead before the Titans woke up.

Thanks to three interceptions and careless football by Ben Roethlisberger, the Titans hopped back into it. Kicker Stephen Gostkowski had an opportunity to tie the game with a field goal with seconds remaining. However, his 45-yard field goal try sailed wide right.

Thus, we are left with the NFL’s best team as its last undefeated squad.

P.S. Tennessee’s offense is very good but their defense stinks. This is NOT a Super Bowl contender unless the D gets fixed.


WASHINGTON FOOTBALL TEAM 25, COWBOYS 3: There is one kind of team in the NFL that is worst than a team that lacks talent…the team that just doesn’t care.

Dallas is the team that seemingly doesn’t care. May the football gods have mercy on your football souls, when the Red Rifle is giving it to you on the sideline.

Considering their remaining schedule, it’s totally feasible they don’t win another game. Also, it’s totally feasible they win three more games but still find themselves in the mix for the NFC East title.

Either way, due to Dalton’s concussion on a cheap shot, I hope you like your football with some Ben DiNucci next Sunday night in Philadelphia.

LIONS 23, FALCONS 22: Poor Todd Gurley…but this is an amazing photo:

We might watch football for 100 years and never actually see a photo comparable to this. All Gurley had to do was fall down short of the end zone and the Falcons could have killed the clock and kicked a game-winning field goal.

Instead, Gurley accidentally falls into the end zone and sets off a chain of events that leads to Matthew Stafford leading the Lions on a game-winning drive.

While Falcons interim head coach Raheem Morris took the blame afterwards, Gurley’s gaffe perfectly incapsulates Atlanta’s 2020 season to date.


BROWNS 37, BENGALS 34: Credit the Browns for coming back after they lost Odell Beckham Jr. for the year to a torn ACL injury. Mayfield vs. Smokin’ Joe Burrow could be a great rivalry for years to come assuming Cincinnati gives the latter some pieces to work with. Now at 5-2, the Browns could be the team that steps in as an AFC playoff team instead of New England, Las Vegas, and some of the other lingering contenders…..**BLACKS OUT FOR 45 SECONDS**….**comes to**…Did I just really type that?

CHIEFS 43, BRONCOS 16: Boy, I sure hope you played the Chiefs Defense/Special Teams on Sunday. They scored two touchdowns while Patrick Mahomes accounted for one. Chiefs won by 27. Makes sense. Meanwhile, John Elway needs to go back into the quarterback laboratory and create another one. Drew Lock is not it.

CHARGERS 39, JAGUARS 29: If Chargers things don’t happen to Justin Herbert, he is going to be a star….and he might be the best quarterback in the Class of 2020. Herbert had 413 yards of total offense and four touchdowns in the win.

BILLS 18, JETS 10: This game popped onto the Red Zone what felt like 30 times. Each time the Bills had the ball deep in Jets territory. Every time they kicked a field goal. Brutal game. Next up for the Bills? The New England Patriots.

PACKERS 35, TEXANS 20: Aaron Rodgers wasn’t going to put up two straight clunkers. Davante Adams caught 13 passes for 196 yards and caught two of Rodgers’s four touchdown passes. Next week, the 1-6 Texans will play the 1985 Chicago Bears.

RAMS 24, BEARS 10 (MONDAY NIGHT): At this rate, Nick Foles will not have a chance to shake Tom Brady’s hand after a first-round playoff loss to the Bucs. INSERT SMIRK EMOJI

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