San Francisco 49ers

The 49ers Will Have To Find Somewhere Else To Play Home Games In December

The San Francisco 49ers will likely need a need a new home in December due to new regulations by Santa Clara County per a Saturday report from the Sacramento Bee.

Due to concerns about rising numbers with COVID-19 cases, Santa Clara County issued a temporary ban on all contact sports in the area until at least December 21. That would cover the San Francisco 49ers, Stanford Cardinal, San Jose State football, and the NHL’s San Jose Sharks.

The new ruling would eliminate 49er home games against the Buffalo Bills on December 7 and the Washington Football Team on December 13.

Per a very brief statement from the 49ers, it appears the team and league are more than ready to deal with any decisions from Santa Clara County:

We are aware of the Santa Clara County Public Health Department’s emergency directive. We are working with the NFL and our partners on operational plans and will share details as they are confirmed.

Team statement from

Where the 49ers will play is a question mark. However, a potential candidate if the NFL wants it to be played in one of their stadiums? How about Glendale, Arizona and the home of the Cardinals? The Rams/Chargers stadium is not available for both dates. However, the Cardinals are home on Sunday before San Francisco’s Monday night game and away for the December 13 outing.

The NFL should consider itself lucky that the 49ers are nearly out of the playoff picture.

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