Baltimore Ravens

Dez Bryant Drinks Wine & Copes After Positive Pregame COVID Test

If there was ever a game that former Dallas Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant wanted to play in, Tuesday night was it. Bryant, who joined the Baltimore Ravens this season, was all set to face his former team – the Dallas Cowboys – on national TV. Unfortunately for Bryant, he never made it in the game. Shortly after warming up before the game started, Bryant tested positive for COVID-19 and was subsequently ruled out of the game.

Undeterred, Bryant took to Twitter to express his dismay at the situation and boy, did he deliver the goods. Let’s take a look at one of his early tweets where he basically said he planned to shut it down for the season:

It gets better though. Bryant tweeted at the NFL, perhaps suggesting the league consider stopping the game. After that, he seemed to settle in and state he planned on drinking some wine and “cope.”

Bryant did plenty of coping and apparently some wine drinking. He asked fans to respond with posts of what wines they were drinking if they were with him and the former Pro Bowl receiver gathered plenty of responses:
Whether it was red or white, fans tweeted Bryant photos of what they were drinking:

As the night wore on and Bryant celebrated a decisive Ravens win, he channeled a happier tune:

I feel left out. If I had seen Bryant’s tweet, I would have sent him a picture of me knocking down a couple of glasses of Riesling. It’s wonderfully sweet wine.

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