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Super Bowl XLIII: Yo Holmes and Pittsburgh McAulay

First off, congratulations goes out to the Steelers who were two minutes and change away from one of the biggest meltdown in Super Bowl history. All of their good fortune in the first three quarters (Harrison’s game-changing play, Terry “Pittsburgh” McAulay’s penalties, and Ben slipping away from Cardinal […]

Super Bowl XLIII Blog!- 4th Quarter

9:10PM- Good to see that this game is spiraling out of control. Another Arizona penalty puts the Cardinals into a 3rd and 13 situation. Warner then proceeds to throw six yards short to Hightower, which is incomplete. Bad officiating, no deep balls. Great. Game ovvve…well not yet. 9:16PM- […]

Super Bowl XLIII Blog!- 3rd Quarter

8:35PM- Well, geez. Ending Arizona’s first drive was a ridiculous call by Terry McAulay, who seemed as if someone was asking him a Trigonometry question when he tried to make a call there. Warner clearly tried to throw the ball but McAulay says Steeler ball. It’s thankfully reversed […]

Super Bowl XLIII Blog!- 2nd Quarter

7:09PM- If you had Gary Russell not scoring in a prop bet…YOU LOSE! He goes in from one yard out. Well, can’t say that I’m all that surprised. When the Cards don’t force turnovers and aren’t playing Jake Delhomme they’ve been relatively ordinairy in the playoffs. They have […]

Video of the Day

Brett Favre retiring leaves a void with the Packers…and John Madden. Favre is this year’s Madden coverboy. Check out this cool trailer showing Favre through the Madden years.   

Video of the Day

One of the features on this new blog will be to pay tribute to something somewhat ridiculous or cool relating to the league where they play for pay. Today’s choice channels Super Bowl XLII as interpreted by Tecmo Super Bowl. Sorry Pats fans, here comes the pain. Well, […]

Enter The Dragon

  Welcome to the new blog. We will examine all things NFL and anything otherwise pertaining to it. Whether it’s Eli Manning being dragged to see Sex and the City in New York or how the Pats will deal with the dreaded Super Bowl hangover, it’ll be covered […]