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Coming Attraction: WrestleMania III DVD Blog

Twenty-five years ago today WrestleMania III hit our screens armed with the most colossal main event of all-time: World Wrestling Federation champ Hulk Hogan defending against the “undefeated” Andre the Giant. Since it’s WrestleMania weekend, it’s only fitting to pay tribute to one of the most significant pop […]

The Saints, Harley Race, & Adventures In Bounty Hunting

Once the Peyton Manning/Indianapolis Colts saga dies down, America will resume scoffing at the New Orleans Saints and their participation in a bounty program over the past three seasons. This reminds me of my favorite bounty hunting episode in a far less realistic landscape…professional wrestling. Bounties were used […]

A DVD Blog – (500) Days of Summer

It’s Valentine’s Day. What better way to commemorate the day on the blog by reliving one of the most nauseating rom-coms of the 2000s? In all seriousness, it’s a decent flick…except for the whole Summer Finn experience.  Let’s make a rare JMRA venture into the world of film by […]

Welcome To The Friends Zone

Valentine’s Day is approaching, which means some youngster is set to confess his undying love for a girl that views him as a “buddy.”  As we arrive to another Valentine’s Day, numerous souls who have been led astray, bamboozled, and hoodwinked. Somewhere this weekend, poor souls will empty […]