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Valentine’s Day – An Alternative View

Chocolates and the gym don't mix.

Editor’s Note: In the interest of equal time, I wanted to call upon a young lady’s view of Valentine’s Day. Alia from the Blitz and Glamour blog offered her assistance and is here to provide five rules for guys to apply on Valentine’s Day. 

Rule #1: Ignore Your Animal Instincts

Allow me to preface this first rule with a quick story. Dogs are very caring creatures and they’re so cute and cuddly (just like boys!), but the way they show their affection is so not ideal. Dogs run out, kill some disgusting rodent animal, and then present it to their masters as a gift of love. This is similar to a guy giving a girl flowers as a symbol of his love for her. No joke.

Don’t give flowers as a gift. The only thing to die quicker than a bouquet of flowers is my relationship with a man who buys them as a gift. It’s unoriginal, thoughtless, and quite frankly, they smell like crap.

Rule #2: Don’t Try Too Hard

You don’t have to think too hard about what gift to buy her. Believe it or not, clearing a whole night of “boyfriend girlfriend” time can often be better than anything you buy at a store. Yeah, crazy to think we like you more than presents, right?

When it comes to a perfect Valentine’s date, it’s not rocket science. It’s all about the chemistry. Plan something that will give us a reason to shave our legs and dress up fancy. Contrary to popular belief, lingerie isn’t just for men. We like to wear it too (preferably under a little black dress) because we like to look sexy and feel desirable.

Dinner will do just fine as long as you splurge and take her somewhere nice. But make sure you save dessert for when you get home. You never know where else that chocolate syrup might end up…

Rule #3: Chocolates = No.

Unless it’s the aforementioned chocolate syrup, f-o-r-g-e-t it. We didn’t spend three hours at the gym the day before so we could squeeze our asses into the aforementioned little black dress and lingerie to have it all undone by some chocolate covered cherry.

Rule #4: Don’t Cop Out

Asking a girl to “be your girlfriend” on Valentine’s Day is like having your birthday on the same day as Christmas. Spread the celebrations out. Your anniversary should be for a boring day when nothing else is happening to give you one more excuse every year to go out and celebrate. This is one of those times when 2-for-1 is not a good deal.

Rule #5: Whisper The 3 Magic Words

The element of surprise is overrated. Don’t try to guess our size or what we like if you really feel the need to get us a gift for Valentine’s Day. It would be WAY better to escort us to the mall, take us to the store, whisper those three magic words “anything you want,” and let us loose.

The bottom line is, there is no hard and fast rule for Valentine’s Day. The best thing you can do is to pay attention to the girl in your life, know her wants and needs better than some Hallmark holiday tells you, and deliver them with love.

You can check out more of Alia and company’s work at BlitzandGlamour.com.

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