Random Nonsense

George Clooney Escorts Former Baltimore Ravens Cheerleader To Oscars

Yes, once upon a Stacy Keibler was a professional wrestler with the WWE.

However, George Clooney’s latest girlfriend was an NFL cheerleader before she appeared at Wrestlemanias and walked down the red carpet.

Keibler became a Baltimore Ravens cheerleader during the late 90’s, which she eventually parlayed into a role as a Nitro Girl on WCW Monday Nitro before landing in the WWE in 2001.

These days, Keibler spends time with Mr. Clooney…and dabbling in acting.

She co-starred in the 2012 comedy Dysfunctional Friends, a film about a collection of college friends who decide to reunite for a weekend.

Keibler, who plays the only caucasian role in the movie, has an on-screen love interest in the flick…Terrell Owens.

Photo courtesy of The Score

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