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The Mediocre 22

[picapp align=”center” wrap=”false” link=”term=Indianapolis+Colts&iid=7370863″ src=”3/6/4/4/Denver_Broncos_v_f768.jpg?adImageId=8289368&imageId=7370863″ width=”380″ height=”276″ /] The Indianapolis Colts established a new NFL record on Sunday by defeating the Denver Broncos and winning its 22 straight regular season game in the process. The achievement which dates back to early last season bested the efforts of the […]

Two Minute Warning – Certified

As we stand days away from a potential Phillies-Yankees World Series and the biggest sports fan battle to hit the east coast in decades, it is time to issue a test. I’m declaring open season on all fraudulent fans; and as they say on the streets, let’s not […]

Put On Your Sunglasses…

[picapp src=”f/a/3/5/New_England_Patriots_58bb.jpg?adImageId=5160378&imageId=6782156″ width=”390″ height=”594″ /] Congrats to Denver for defeating the Patriots 20-17 in OT but shame on them for making us suffer through these horrific throwbacks.

Two Minute Warning – No Scrubs

Following Week 2, I turned on the NFL Network to see numerous analysts including Brian Billick, lauding the impressive state of quarterbacking around the league. After two weeks, the composite quarterback rating proved to 83.9, which at the time was an all-time best for the position. With so […]

Week 4’s Face of Defeat

With the Cowboys trailing 17-10 in Denver on Sunday, Cowboys offensive coordinator was faced with a third and goal from the Bronco 2 yard line. “Number one receiver” Roy E. Williams was out with an injury leaving Miles Austin, Sam Hurd and Jason Witten as the three primary […]

Best of NFL Tweets

Twitter is amazing. Not only can you find this esteemed website tweeting via @joemsrightarm but it is fun to find out what hi-jinx athletes might be up to. Courtesy of athletetweets.com, here is a recap of some NFL player tweets you might find enjoyable…with a little commentary on […]

Bowlen Writes Letter To Bronco Fans

After the controversial trade of former Denver quarterback Jay Cutler, Broncos owner Pat Bowlen took matters into his own hands by issuing a letter to season ticket holders. Bowlen’s basic message was simple. It’s about the team, not an individual player. This letter is perhaps why Bowlen is […]