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Video of the Day: Sorry Cleveland

Now that LeBron James and the Cavs tied the city of Cleveland to the proverbial tree of woe again¬†after getting bounced from the Eastern Conference Finals, I’m here to pile on the misery sort of. I don’t have anything against Cleveland personally but since the Phillies saved Philadelphia […]

Video of the Day: Cleveland Rocks?

Someone put together a tourism video of Cleveland and let’s just say, it’s not exactly a presentation that will make you get in your car to drive there. My favorite line is “our economy is based on LeBron James. ” Sadly, there is truth in that statement.

Video of the Day: LBJ

Kudos to Bill Simmons for unearthing this gem. On Friday night, everyone in Cleveland was ready to jump off a cliff until LBJ threw out the ultimate life preserver. This video details how it unfolded on Newschannel 5 in Ohio before and after The Shot Part II. One […]

Video of the Day: Crazy Ron

The NBA playoffs are always an entertaining proposition. I know a lot of people who believe that the NHL playoffs are the best in terms of action. That’s complete folly. I’ll take the NBA playoffs anyday and Ron Artest is just one of the many reasons why. In […]