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Joe Webb Humbles Eagles, Ed Rendell

Unfortunately for the Eagles, this photo was the highlight of a potentially damaging night after a 24-14 loss to the Minnesota Vikings on Tuesday. In his first game as a starting quarterback, Joe Webb outplayed MVP candidate Michael Vick by going 17 of 26 for 195 yards and […]

Brett Favre Wears A Purple Hand

For those who thought Brett Favre was playing one of his usual games of “will he, won’t he” leading up to Sunday¬†last night’s game versus the Giants, take a close look at Favre’s right hand in this picture. As shown on SB Nation, it is purple. Favre, of […]

Minnesota Vikings Fire Brad Childress

According to ESPN, the Minnesota Vikings have fired head coach Brad Childress following an embarrassing 31-3 loss to the Green Bay Packers yesterday. The team named defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier as interim head coach for Minnesota’s final six games.

Week 11: Road Is Where The Heart Is

During an NFL week featuring Tom Brady vs. Peyton Manning; a Raider visit to Pittsburgh; Favre Bowl IV; and other assorted goodies, I’ll be in Bethelehem, Pennsylvania and perhaps away from the internet while games are in play. Thus, I’m here to warn you. Any correspondence that flows […]