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Video of the Day: Billy and The Pats

Introducing the honorary captain of the New England Patriots on Sunday in London when they face the Tampa Bay Bucs…

Two Minute Warning – Certified

As we stand days away from a potential Phillies-Yankees World Series and the biggest sports fan battle to hit the east coast in decades, it is time to issue a test. I’m declaring open season on all fraudulent fans; and as they say on the streets, let’s not […]

The Trouble With Washington

The Washington Redskins are a boring franchise. It’s in their nature and who they are.  Don’t get me wrong; obviously their franchise has been littered with characters over the years from former owner George Preston Marshall to George Allen and to John Riggins. Yet, the fun rarely materializes […]

Video of the Day: Tom Goes Boom

Tom Brady took advantage of a simply dreadful Tennessee Titans secondary on Sunday in Foxborough, helping New England devastate the Titans 59-0. Brady became the first quarterback in NFL history to throw five touchdown passes in a quarter and ended with six on the day. That is how […]

Week 6’s Face of Defeat

[picapp src=”6/a/f/0/Tennessee_Titans_coach_3073.JPG?adImageId=6156764&imageId=6852516″ width=”380″ height=”255″ /] Believe it or not, the Titans have lost eight in a row including their postseason loss to Baltimore. That’s an incredible fact for a team that seemed poised to reach the Super Bowl for the second time in franchise history. In Foxborough, Massachusetts […]

Great Moments In 1980s Heel History

As Brett Favre prepares to offer up one of the great double-crosses in sports history by basically turning his back on Packer fans by playing for their hated nemesis, it is only proper to honor the 10 greatest bad guys of the 1980s in pro wrestling; and providing […]