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The Top 10 Coldest Games of All-Time: Part II

We’ve counted down from 10-6. Let’s take a look at the top 5 coldest games of all-time:

#5 – New York Giants (23) @ Green Bay Packers (20), Jan. 20, 2008

· Temperature: -4 degrees / Wind chill: -24 degrees

Memorable Moment: A brief interlude if I may…one of my friends refers to Favre as ‘old red nose for his penchant to resemble Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer during games in this type of weather. With the Giants reeling and the Packers controlling the ball in overtime, Rudolph fired his final pass at Lambeau Field as a Packer…into the hands of Giants cornerback Corey Webster. A few plays later, the Giants went to Super Bowl XLII and one of America’s mini-series began: Brett Favre Holds America (and the Packers) Hostage!

#4 – Oakland Raiders (10) @ Pittsburgh Steelers (16), Jan. 4, 1976

· Temperature: 11 degrees / Wind Chill: N/A

Memorable Moment: The best moment of the game besides the fans storming the field like lunatics came prior to the start of the game. It was alleged by Raiders owner Al Davis that the Steelers grounds crew didn’t take the best care of the Astroturf at Three Rivers Stadium. In fact, Davis believed that the crew allowed tears to occur in the tarp covering the field. The precipitation that hit the area that week led to patches of ice all over the field. Thus, Oakland’s greatest offensive asset – team speed – was deemed moot. The Oakland aerial assault grounded, the Steelers won the AFC title 16-10 and eventually defended their world title.

#3 – Los Angeles Raiders (23) @ Buffalo Bills (29), Jan. 15, 1994

· Temperature: 0 degrees / Wind chill: -32 degrees

Memorable Moment: Another Raiders entry? Are we sure this poll wasn’t conducted by Steelers fans, whom, were looking to highlight Raider shortcomings? When the clock hit zero in the fourth quarter, the Bills vanquished the Raiders to advance to another AFC title game. Soon after the game, you could hear America collectively groaning “oh no, here we go again.” At least for Raiders fans that day it wasn’t another 51-3 debacle.

#2 – San Diego Chargers (7) @ Cincinnati Bengals (27), Jan. 10, 1982

· Temperature: -9 degrees / Wind chill: -59 degrees

Memorable Moment: The game itself wasn’t very good. However, seeing players try to catch the ball in this weather is almost laughable at times. Making matters worse for San Diego was they just in the epic playoff tilt against Miami a week earlier. In these conditions, they labored to score points. By the way, I’ve never understood the pandering towards the ’81 Chargers that occurs from time to time. They played poor defense, weren’t a great running team and by enlarge one-dimensional. Sure, they had skill players but that doesn’t always pay the bills in the clutch.

#1 – Dallas Cowboys (17) @ Green Bay Packers (21), Dec. 31, 1967

· Temperature: -13 degrees / Wind chill: -48 degrees

Memorable Moment: The weather tales from this one are legendary. Cowboys Hall of Fame receiver Bob Hayes ran pass patterns with his hands in his pants. Meanwhile, a referee had a whistle stick to his lips. As for the game, the Packers dynasty, on its last legs, outlasted the Cowboys for the second straight season to win the NFL championship. Green Bay quarterback Bart Starr snuck in from one yard away to give Green Bay its last NFL title under head coach Vince Lombardi. Everyone is so quick to romanticize the ’58 NFL title game but this is the definitive game in league history. While maybe not as influential, its one of the most historic battles of all-time.

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