Brett Favre

America, Stop It. You Want Favre.

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Even though the American public constantly states that they are tired of hearing about or looking at Brett Favre, Sunday’s NFC Championship game television ratings suggested otherwise.

New Orleans’ 31-28 overtime win over Favre’s Minnesota Vikings on Sunday evening drew 57.9 million viewers, making it the largest audience for a championship game since “The Catch” game between the Dallas Cowboys and San Francisco 49ers in the 1981 NFC title game.

The Vikings-Saints viewing audience was the most watched non-Super Bowl program since the season finale of Seinfeld back in May 1998.

People in Bristol, Connecticut (and the FOX folks) are smiling broadly because when Rachel Nichols is camped out on Brett’s lawn in Mississippi in a few months, there will be little confusion as to why the network goes to such alarming lengths. They know most of you will not change the channel.

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  1. That’s the magic of Favre. When he steps on the field you know you are going to see some heartfelt, heart- pumping action. It’s the humanness, the imperfection mixed with precision throws nobody can make but Favre that keeps us watching late at night. It keeps me up on a championship night or night game of no consequence whatsoever! Because he’s always gonna make that last throw….

  2. lol I love this guy. He’s all, “I’m gonna retire.” Psyche!!! J/K! April Fools! Seriously, retire already though. That last interception he threw in Sunday’s game was typical Favre. Go Saints!

  3. You’re absolutely right about this. I wouldn’t consider myself a Favre fanatic, honestly I’m neutral about him all together. I didn’t really care to cheer for either team last Sunday, but by the 3rd quarter, I found myself wanting Favre to win. He’s a phenomenal QB and put his life on the field. No denying that. The ratings don’t lie…people tuned in because they knew it would be a show down!

    • I’m with you nearly word-for-word there, except I wanted the Vikings to win so that Adrian Peterson wouldn’t feel quite so many reenacted nightmares about losing control of the ball.

      The ratings don’t lie, but might they misrepresent? Surely, there are TV’s out there that were tuned to the game but weren’t outfitted with the device that enables Nielsen to keep track of what people are watching.

  4. I really hope this year he sticks with his initial decision, whatever it may be. I can’t stand the guy anymore, but he can obviously still play if he wants to.

  5. I think Favre took such a beating in New Orleans that it might force him into retirement. I really think he might be gone this time…until the second to last week in August.

    • How long will it take before there’s a biopic about him? Surely not his entire pro career, not even the handful of epic moments, but something a moment or two that he (or historians of a future generation) could argue as being the most profoundly life-altering.

      Allan Graf will be the sports coordinator, of course.

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