Super Bowl XLIV

Seven For South Beach: Seven Super Bowl Storylines

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It’s time to turn page away from Championship Sunday and towards the festivities that will take place on February 7 in Miami, Florida or South Beach or whatever name they really want us to use. Super Bowl XLIV finds the 18-0 16-2 Indianapolis Colts aiming to take down the NFC champion New Orleans Saints in what should be one of the highest scoring games in Super Bowl history. Before we get to the mindless game analysis that we will delve into at some point over the next two weeks, let’s take a look at seven stories that will be discussed (or not) over the next two weeks.

1. Who is Jim Caldwell?

[picapp align=”center” wrap=”false” link=”term=Jim+Caldwell&iid=7491428″ src=”6/b/d/4/Indianapolis_Colts_v_0214.jpg?adImageId=9498194&imageId=7491428″ width=”380″ height=”253″ /]

Forget about Peyton’s legacy. This might be the biggest question over the next two weeks. I can’t think of a Super Bowl head coach coming in with as little heat as Caldwell. No one talks about this guy. He’s seemingly rarely shown on television and Bill Simmons even jokes that he might not be alive. It’s almost as if he is a character that is CGI’d into Colts games on a weekly basis.

He’s real alright though. The man who was the team’s quarterback coach for seven seasons and took over for Super Bowl XLI winning head coach Tony Dungy is 60 minutes away from becoming the third African-American coach ever to win the Super Bowl. Yet, we know next to nothing about him, which is extraordinarily odd for a man who led the team to a 14-0 start.

Checking out his Wikipedia page does not provide much help either. Although, I can tell you this. Caldwell was born in Beloit, Wisconsin, which is the same hometown as Danica Patrick and Cheap Trick lead singer Robin Zander.

2. How many times will Kim Kardashian appear on TV during the game?

[picapp align=”center” wrap=”false” link=”term=kim+kardashian+reggie+bush&iid=7469956″ src=”0/7/d/d/Kim_Kardashian_and_d205.JPG?adImageId=9499341&imageId=7469956″ width=”380″ height=”570″ /]

Maybe I need to go to my mom on this one. She is up on this gossip stuff a bit more than I am. Didn’t Reggie Bush and Kardashian break up? I remember reading that over the last year at some point. Anyhow, during the NFC Divisional round versus Arizona, Kardashian became a favorite target of FOX cameras as Bush put together one of his best games as a pro.

The number of Kardashian shots by CBS should be a prop bet right? I’m guessing under four unless Bush is an MVP candidate by the third quarter. Clearly, the Manning family will dominate celebrity views courtesy of CBS cameras.

3. Bill Polian and the ’72 Dolphins

[picapp align=”center” wrap=”false” link=”term=Don+Shula&iid=4250619″ src=”e/e/6/4/Don_Shula_0a4e.jpg?adImageId=9500098&imageId=4250619″ width=”380″ height=”253″ /]

Should the Colts go on to win Super Bowl XLIV, one of the questions that will linger is whether Indy should have stayed the course and tried to go undefeated. Its obviously some Monday morning quarterbacking at this point but the Colts just needed to nurse a 15-10 lead over the Jets in the second half and beat the 5-10 Bills in the snow of Buffalo.

Instead, team president Bill Polian decided to pull the plug on those efforts and opted to keep the team healthy. Was he worried about his team feeling the pressure? The Colts had not exactly shown a propensity for handling postseason pressure well as of late. Or was Polian thumbing his nose at the ’72 Dolphins? Should the Colts win though, he will be second guessed to some degree. Not by a loud majority but definitely by a few.

4. Which Saints team will show up in Miami?

[picapp align=”center” wrap=”false” link=”term=New+Orleans+Saints&iid=7664489″ src=”f/6/9/c/NFC_Championship_Minnesota_f9f9.jpg?adImageId=9510882&imageId=7664489″ width=”380″ height=”255″ /]

Should the Saints offer up an effort similar to that of what we saw during the NFC title game on Sunday we could be in store for one of those classic 1980s beatdowns that made the Super Bowl more like a Mike Tyson pay per view fight from that same era.

New Orleans did very little in Sunday’s win over Minnesota. The little they did though ultimately is the reason why they are playing Super Bowl XLIV and not Miami. A week earlier, New Orleans throttled Arizona but looked extremely mortal on Sunday as they were shoved around by the Vikings.

Offensively, they can hang with anyone as the NFL’s highest scoring team. Meanwhile, the Saints aren’t long on defensive talent, they hit, hit, hit and hit some more. Led by safety Darren Sharper, they better be at their helmet rocking best against the Indy’s offensive weaponry.

5. Indy can’t run the ball…or can they?

[picapp align=”center” wrap=”false” link=”term=Joseph+Addai&iid=7568982″ src=”f/7/f/d/Colts_Addai_Breaks_db2b.JPG?adImageId=9510906&imageId=7568982″ width=”380″ height=”281″ /]

Often times in playoff games, your greatest weakness is sometimes a necessity. The opposition spends so much time trying to take away what you do best that alternative methods of moving the ball are necessary. During the AFC title game, Indy flexed its run muscle. It’s a muscle that have not flexed often this season considering that they are last in the NFL in rushing.

While they outrushed the number one rushing team in the NFL on Sunday in the Jets, they better have  a similar performance versus New Orleans. Super Bowl history shows that the team which rushes most, takes home the most. Indy’s Super Bowl win over Chicago featured solid running by the Colts as the backs saved the day. Paging Joe Addai…Joe Addai.

6. So….ummm….anyone talk to Marvin Harrison lately?

[picapp align=”center” wrap=”false” link=”term=Marvin+Harrison&iid=2139856″ src=”7/3/3/d/Indianapolis_Colts_v_d4c3.jpg?adImageId=9510617&imageId=2139856″ width=”380″ height=”253″ /]

More than likely, a few Marvin Harrison questions are going to be thrown around during Super Bowl week. If you haven’t done so yet, read the Marvin Harrison GQ article. It’s a rather eye opening look at one of the NFL’s quietest players and apparently, one of their angriest off the field.

7. Peyton Manning’s place in history

[picapp align=”center” wrap=”false” link=”term=Peyton+Manning&iid=7646872″ src=”a/f/a/7/AFC_Championship_New_d769.jpg?adImageId=9510817&imageId=7646872″ width=”380″ height=”326″ /]

Everyone whined and moaned about a potential Brett Favre appearance in the Super Bowl because of the exhaustive media coverage. Well, I’m here to tell you that Manning is going to bring a nearly as nauseating level of coverage over the next two weeks. Get ready for two weeks of the “where does Peyton Manning rank all-time” discussions. As he stands 60 minutes away from his second Super Bowl, people are going to dust off this discussion and the Manning family angle as well.

By the end of Super Bowl week, you may be wishing Brett Favre was in South Beach.

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  1. I guess you didn’t see the pictures of a mentally and physically exhausted Brett Favre. I’ve been hearing how dirty the Saints defense was for attacking Brett. I think this same gameplan could beat the Colts, if they can sandwich Manning the way they did Brett, that ‘if’, is the real question. It’s going to be a good game. Don’t count the Saints out of it. (I notice you have only two bullets about the Saints, and one really isn’t-it’s about KK.)


    il controllo al di sopra del gioco,
    nel delirio degli schemi, il lancio, l’illuminazione.
    Nello stagno delle yards,
    l’anatra imprendibile corre verso il suo destino con il suo difficile compito…


    Lontano dal corpo difeso
    Tendevo le ali del lancio
    E la visione ripresa nei lacci
    provocava le yards ostinate.
    Lontano sul campo appreso
    Lo schema rispondeva al delirio
    E chiudendo gli occhi
    Sospiravo il lancio nel buio.
    Allato del mio simile accline
    Chiamavo i passaggi di corse
    Fino alla fine del tunnel
    Ancora e ancora di man forte.
    Ma è per muschio e maschio
    Che leggenda del greve sibilo
    L’anatra ferita a volte
    Sussurra un volo pregiato
    E libera…
    Spira una spirale
    Per vedere in quante mete
    E’ rimasto il suo pelame alato.


    “Quarterback vincenti
    Della NFL
    E del SUPER BOWL”

    Ben Roethlisberger
    (Pittsburgh Steelers)
    Eli Manning
    (New York Giants)
    Peyton Manning
    (Indianapolis Colts)
    Ben Roethlisberger
    (Pittsburgh Steelers)
    Tom Brady
    (New England Patriots)
    Tom Brady
    (New England Patriots)
    Brad Johnson
    (Tampa Bay Buccaneers)
    Tom Brady
    (New England Patriots)
    Trent Dilfer
    (Baltimore Ravens)
    Kurt Warner
    (St. Louis Rams)
    John Elway
    (Denver Broncos)
    John Elway
    (Denver Broncos)
    Brett Favre
    (Green Bay Packers)
    Troy Aikman
    (Dallas Cowboys)
    Steve Young
    (San Francisco 49ers)
    Troy Aikman
    (Dallas Cowboys)
    Troy Aikman
    (Dallas Cowboys)
    Mark Rypien
    (Washington Redskins)
    Jeff Hostetler
    (New York Giants)
    Joe Montana
    (San Francisco 49ers)
    Joe Montana
    (San Francisco 49ers)

    Da “Uomini da Slam”
    di Maurizio Spagna
    paroliere, scrittore e poeta al leggìo-

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