Philadelphia Eagles

Eagles Want Ransom For Kolb

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According to ESPN’s Sal Paolantonio, the Philadelphia Eagles are asking for two first round picks in return for quarterback Kevin Kolb.

The Seattle Seahawks made some noise about possibly being interested in Donovan McNabb and Kolb but seem to have set their sights on the latter.

However, the Eagles are not going to just give away Kolb, who has made just two NFL starts in career. Considered to be one of the franchise’s most prized assets, the Eagles reportedly will not part with him for anything less than two first round picks.

Flashing back to the 2009 offseason, the Chicago Bears acquired Jay Cutler from Denver for two number one picks and a third-rounder. Just in case you’re new to football, here is something to keep in mind:

Jay Cutler > Kevin Kolb

I guess one cannot blame the Eagles for trying.

The Birds are putting themselves in a bit of a pickle. They have three quarterbacks under contract (Kolb, McNabb, and Michael Vick) but with the McNabb situation still hovering over the team, this position will be a distraction unless the Eagles deal one of them…and soon.

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  1. If McNabb is still Reid’s QB he will deal Kolb away to prevent a QB controversy. He will likely do that and the Eagles fans will go beserk anyway.

    • Anything that results in McNabb staying is probably going to send Philly fans into a state of pandemonium. It’s one of my favorite storylines of the offseason.

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