Donovan McNabb

The McNabb Rumors Hit Oakland

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The bridge to the impending Brett Favre saga features Donovan McNabb and whether his days in Philadelphia are numbered. The latest rumor is a trade to…Oakland? According Mike Florio’s, the Eagles and Raiders are in talks regarding a McNabb trade. However, the big surprise in the deal is the appearance of Eagles Pro Bowl cornerback Asante Samuel.

The proposed deal would send McNabb and Samuel to Oakland in exchange for the Raiders star cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha.

There are a few flies in the ointment with any McNabb deal. First and foremost, for any team to trade for him, they would have to believe that they could sign him to an extension. If the 33-year-old McNabb is dealt to one of those struggling franchises (i.e. Raiders, Rams, Bills, etc.), he might be fine there for one year but his head may be elsewhere in the long run.

McNabb is a millionaire many times over and while he does want money, he would like a ring too. Playing for a lowly franchise is not going to bring him closer to that goal.

Simply put, the most logical move for him and (the Eagles for that matter) is to stay in Philly.

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