JaMarcus Russell

The End of JaMarcus Russell

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Unless you’ve been spending too much time following the Whitney Houston comeback tour, you know that JaMarcus Russell fell into Oakland’s proverbial black hole.

Now that JaMarcus Russell is finally an ex-Raider, what exactly will become of one of the biggest busts in NFL history?

So far, some of the NFL talking heads seem to think that Russell will be picked up by a team that he can learn from and perhaps cultivate his skills into what they should have been to many.

Yeah, about that.

Russell has several roadblocks in his way towards becoming that solid, polished force Al Davis thought he would become. When you are associated with the following words/phrases, you have a lot work to do towards becoming a star in the NFL:

Other than that, he was a great player.

Geez. He’s got awfully steep uphill climb. Unfortunately, this appears to be the classic case of a guy getting his money and then doing absolutely nothing to earn or live up to his good fortune.

Regardless of it being New Orleans, Arizona, or San Francisco as possible destinations, all of the coaching in the world may not be the biggest difference maker.

This guy has talent but it’s up to him to get rid of the aforementioned labels. All of the pep talks, changes of mechanics, and other fixer-uppers will only help but so much. JaMarcus Russell is in control of his destiny. If he shows teams that he is willing to punch the proverbial heavy bag and actually get his hands dirty, he may be able to save himself.

If not, his name will become synonymous with Ryan Leaf.

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  1. With his bank account, I’d be very surprised to see him trying to redeem himself. Working more for way less money to be a back-up when you’re a lazy guy? Doesn’t add up.

    • Yeah, I don’t see it either. I think someone will take a chance at some point but his career may become associated with the CFL.

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