Brett Favre

Favre Has Ankle Surgery

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Don’t listen to that erroneous promise Brett Favre made about Southern Miss and the College World Series. Here is the news you need to know.

Favre underwent arthroscopic surgery on Friday in Florida to repair damage done to his left ankle during the January’s NFC title game against the Saints.

The procedure, performed by the omnipotent Dr. James Andrews, was considered to be one of the keys for Favre to play his 20th season in the NFL.

It’s expected that the recovery will take somewhere between four to six weeks, which would be right around mid-July.

This news must make Vikings fans feel quite happy. Instead of seeing T-Jack open up on the road in New Orleans, it would appear that Lord Favre will be back under center again.

Of course, until he actually utters the words “I’m coming back” or “I’m going to retire”, one is for sure. Nothing is for sure.

However, this is as good of an indicator as any that he’ll be back once more. Rejoice!

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