Santana Moss

Report: Santana Moss Received HGH From Galea

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The Buffalo News is reporting that Washington Redskins receiver Santana Moss was named as one of the athletes who received human growth hormone from Dr. Anthony Galea, who was charged with distributing and smuggling HGH on Tuesday.

Galea’s medical assistant, Mary Anne Catalano, was arrested at the U.S.-Canadian border back in September 2009 while carrying banned substances and other materials. It is believed she was headed to Washington to meet with Moss.

The veteran receiver, who is trying to rehab from left knee surgery, wanted no part of a discussion about the allegations.

“I’m telling you right now, I’m talking about football,” Moss said. “You talk about football. Anything else out of that, no.”

According to The Buffalo News, criminal charges will not be filed against Moss or any of the other athletes involved with Galea.

A new quarterback…disgruntled Albert Haynesworth…and now this.

Mike Shanahan has his hands full in the nation’s capital.

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