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Why Having the New York Super Bowl Is A Bad Idea

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The NFL pulled the trigger on placing Super Bowl XLVIII in East Rutherford, New Jersey at the new $1.6 billion stadium that house the Giants and Jets beginning in 2010. While many folks are going gaga, I am not one of them.

Let’s cut right to the chase. Here are five reasons why this thing might just be a bad idea.

1. Weather

The man above for the unaware is former VP Al Gore. He has talked about global warming for quiet sometime and when the winter ’09-’10 hit the northeast, I heard numerous people have the following conversation:

Person #1: I thought Al Gore promised there would be global warming.

Person #2: What an idiot! Everyone knows global warming means that is going to be warm all the time with no storms!

Person #1: No wonder he lost the 2000 election to Bush.

Person #1/2: MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA (maniacal laugh)

In actuality, persons one and two, couldn’t be further from the truth. Global warming can help intensify storms but I digress.

The point of bringing up old Al is the potential threat of snowstorms or any winter even remotely resembling the ’09-’10 one in the northeast.

If the east coast is hit with any sort of snowstorm or other precipation that would make it difficult for people to get to the game, the NFL is looking at a big problem potentially. Some areas in the northeast are hard enough to navigate in the fairest of conditions. If there is any type of precipitation, this is going to be a a disaster.

The players are going to complain and honestly, that is of little consequence. I say that with all due respect but the owners are going to do what they want and whether the players like it seemingly is irrelevant.

However, they play all year long to get out of frigid conditions and now, that’s not going to happen.

P.S. The average temperature in the New York/New Jersey region in February is 40 degrees. Pack your hand warmers.

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2. The Myth of Memories

You know what really grinds my gears about this? I’ve heard/seen references to the Ice Bowl made as far as why having a cold weather Super Bowl is a great idea.

Excuse me. There is a big difference between having a neutral site game in cold weather and having home-field advantage. It’s not like the Ice Bowl was played in Soldier Field. It was in cold weather because Green Bay had home-field advantage for the game.

People are assuming this will be some awe-inspiring epic confrontation. Listening to ABC News a few days ago, one person said that the Colts-Giants 1958 NFL Championship was played in cold weather, so playing a Super Bowl in one should be fine and make it a great contest.


Cold weather does not always equal great games. I was in person for the 2000 NFC Wild Card game between the Eagles and Bucs at Veterans Stadium. Remember that one? Didn’t think so. My legs are still cold.

What about Browns/Bills 8-0 in Cleveland in 2007? At last check, that game is not available on DVD anywhere.

3. Transportation

New Jersey Turnpike. New York subway. Good luck with that.

This subway system also enjoys No Pants Day…

4. The Game

Remember the game? You know, the actual Super Bowl?

We keep hearing about how great this will be for New York City and how great it will be to have the biggest game in sports on the biggest stage of them all.

What about the actual quality of the game?

All of a sudden the quality of the biggest game of the year is going to be thrown to chance just like that?

So, let me get this straight…

The league has spent over 30 years catering and massaging the game to the liking of quarterbacks and now all of a sudden their performance could potentially be compromised. The Super Bowl is not the time and place to do such a thing.

Mark Lamping, a chief stadium executive with the Meadowlands, perhaps summed up everything that is flawed in the pro-cold weather Super Bowl thought process.

“The game of football was never intended to be played in perfect conditions.”

Says who?

5. Consumers

Let’s be clear about something. Jerry from Monroe Township isn’t going to be at this game. It’s going to consist business people from all points of the country and some real fans but by in large the Super Bowl is a corporate event.

Ticket prices can range anywhere $800 to $5,000 depending on where the seat is located. If you’re shelling out that type of money, wouldn’t want a better fan experience than getting a hand and seat warmer?

I respect the Mara family for wanting to do this but the risk far outweighs the reward.

Also, this will prompt owners from other cold weather cities like Daniel Snyder to throw their ring into the hat. That’s not good for business.

The first 44 editions of the Super Bowl made out just fine without being in the northeast.

A few more can certainly do without being in a northeast city.

It’s a big and rather unneccessary risk.

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  1. Seriously, quit crying. It’s about time the Super Bowl came about this ways and if players are going to be paid millions of dollars, they can endure one more cold weather game.

    What? We going to have the Super Bowl in Florida….again? It’s about time to have some change of scenery!

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