Adrian Peterson

Brad Childress Does Not Believe In Adrian Peterson Day

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Plenty of players miss mini-camp and OTAs for a variety of reasons whether its injury, contract squabble or a lack of desire to participate in anything prior to the preseason’s start.

One excuse that has not been used to my knowledge is attending an event in honor of yourself…until now.

Minnesota Vikings head coach Brad Childress is fuming at his Pro Bowl running back Adrian Peterson, who felt attending Adrian Peterson Day in Palestine, Texas was a greater priority than showing up to the team’s mini-camp. His logic was rather simple:

“The work is here. I just know that there’s a bunch of guys here. This has a term ‘mandatory’ for a reason and the work is here, period. This is the fourth annual Adrian Peterson Day. I don’t know if it’s going to be like every year that they are going to have that, but we’re going to have this, too.

Considering how Minnesota finished last season, Chilly is likely to be extra chilly this summer.

Why Peterson felt skipping would be an acceptable idea is a mystery. Did he think since Brett Favre was doing it that it was fine for him to miss? If so, Childress also squashed that notion as well:

That is a special circumstance. I don’t think Adrian is batting around retirement in his mind. It’s a special set of circumstances. You can say is it special? Is everything equal? Obviously it is not. That is just the way it is. It’s a matter of fact and everybody understands that on our side of the equation.

While Peterson is a star, he is not on Favre’s level to be able get away with such a move. That would be like comparing Clint Eastwood to Jeremy Piven. One is an all-time icon in film; the other has Entourage to his credit (or discredit) and the film PCU. Sure, Piven has made plenty money and enjoyed success but that argument does not hold up.

Let’s hope All Day cuts down on his seven fumbles from last season. Otherwise, this story is likely to pop up again.

Adrian, perhaps you should look to reschedule next time.

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