Tennessee Titans

Vince Young Suspect In Assault At Strip Club

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After a spring filled with stories regarding Ben Roethlisberger’s mishaps comes the latest tale of debauchery gone awry.

According to The Dallas Morning News, Tennessee Titans quarterback Vince Young  is a suspect in an investigation by the Dallas Police Department of an alleged assault taking place at a strip club on Sunday morning.

Dallas police arrived to Club Onyx in Dallas around 3:30am responding to a call regarding an incident but Young already fled the scene by the time authorities arrived to the scene.

Considering Young resuscitated his career in 2009, getting involved in something like this is a potential disaster for the former Texas Longhorn quarterback.

He has two bullets to dodge from this point. Bullet one will come from the police and then the second one comes from the big guy on Park Avenue.

You know, one would think these guys would learn from each other and not put themselves in this sort of position, especially in the same offseason as the Roethlisberger debacle.

However, that is obviously asking too much.

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