JaMarcus Russell

Music Monday With JaMarcus Russell

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The woes of JaMarcus Russell continued on Monday. The former Oakland Raider quarterback was arrested on Monday for being in possession of codeine syrup.

What is codeine syrup you ask? Here is the description per the San Francisco Chronicle:

Codeine syrup is described as medicinal drug that is also used to get high.
No, codeine syrup is not used in this case to fix a cough or help you get over a case of the sniffles.
Instead, it’s the main ingredient in a concoction called “Purple Drank“, which is a recreational drug used in the hip-hop community, especially in the south.
I don’t know about you but if I wanted to resume my NFL career at some point, getting caught with something that has killed people, caused bouts of depression and hallucinations, is probably not going to be my course of action.
This is not the first time the substance popped up in the NFL as Terrence Kiel and Johnny Jolly had their own run-ins over the purple mixture.
On a sidenote, according to Wikipedia, some users of purple drank also reported weight gain as a side effect, which has been a problem during Russell’s troubled career. Just saying…
So…where do we go this week? Clearly, we have to opt for some southern hip-hop. Do we use “Sippin on Some Syrup” by Three 6 Mafia? Nah.
Let’s go with the best known user of the mix…Lil’ Wayne.

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