New Orleans Saints

USC Unlikes Reggie Bush

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The University of Southern California took a few more steps to erase their seedy recent past today by first naming former USC and Los Angeles Rams quarterback Pat Haden as the school’s new athletic director; and then, in one fell swoop completely phasing out the Reggie Bush era at USC. Haden announced that Bush’s 2005 Heisman Trophy would be returned by the school, in an effort to distance themselves from the embarrassing NCAA sanctions issued against the school for improper conduct stemming from the New Orleans Saint’s time at Southern Cal amongst other transgressions.

Also, Bush’s likeness and jerseys will be removed from the campus.

So, during NBC’s Saints/Vikings opener on September 9, does Bush acknowledge USC as his school during the starting lineup introductions? Does he go with Helix High School or maybe his elementary school?

It’ll be interesting to see how Bush responds to this not only verbally but psychologically. While former Trojan basketball star O.J. Mayo is tied to this, Bush is getting dragged through the mud by USC…and rightfully so according to the Trojan family.

Bush helped start this mess by accepting improper gifts while a member of the Trojans. Now, Pat Haden has finished it.

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