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Ten Things To Do In Hattiesburg By Brad Childress

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Vikings head coach Brad Childress paid a visit to Brett Lorenzo Favre earlier this week in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.

While we know why Childress ventured down there, we know very little about Favre’s hometown and what else Childress could have done during the visit.

Thus, here are ten items that could have occupied Chilly’s time involving past or present residents of Hattiesburg, Mississippi:

1. Pay homage to the second-most famous athlete in Hattiesburg, Danny Manning by shooting some hoops:

The man in the gray suit is a Kansas Jayhawks icon. Danny Manning led the ’87-’88 Jayhawks to the national title in men’s basketball. Nicknamed “Danny & the Miracles”, the Jayhawks were a basically a one-man gang that Manning pulled into the winner’s circle.

As a member of the Jayhawks coaching staff in ’08, he managed to win a national title as a player and as an assistant coach.

2. Head to King Karaoke and Pool Hall to sing Because I Got High.

You remember Afroman, don’t you? No? Ok, well he is also from Hattiesburg. Seriously, you can’t make this stuff up.

3. Have a cheeseburger and cold beer in honor of musician Jimmy Buffett at The Bottling Co.

I’ve got to be honest. I’m not a fan of Cheeseburger In Paradise or Margaritaville but people tend to like him and he makes a killing on the concert scene. Plus, the man convinced the Dolphins to name the stadium after his beer in 2009.

4. Tell a bunch of school children about the greatness of former MLB third baseman Charlie Hayes.

How many people can say they caught the final out of a no-hitter (1990) and the final out of a World Series (1996)? Hayes had the dubious honor of following Mike Schmidt at third base for the Phillies in 1990. Later on in his career, he nabbed a World Series ring with the New York Yankees.

5. Find out what BP executive Bob Dudley is up to these days.

Would anyone in admit to knowing someone who worked for BP these days? I can’t imagine it’s a pleasant experience for Dudley or anyone else who is associated with BP.

6. Visit Ray Guy and start a petition to get him into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

While I don’t think there should be a rush to get punters into the Hall of Fame, Guy is hands down the greatest punter in the history and was actually a good athlete as well. Plus, he was on three Super Bowl winning teams. Put him in already.

7. Learn how to do an irish jig just like Boston Red Sox closer Jonathan Papelbon.

Papelbon has a reputation for being Johnny Goodtimes. Clearly, he is not Lord of the Dance but this will have to do instead.

8. Go the Thirsty Hippo to see if anyone can recount tales of seeing a young Louis Lipps.

Former Steelers receiver Louis Lipps was a quasi-productive player in the NFL and he attended the University of Southern Mississippi in Hattiesburg. During the first two years of his career, he made the Pro Bowl and helped the Steelers advance to the ’84 AFC title before they ran into that Dan Marino fella.

9. Visit former Eagles and Vikings receiver Todd Pinkston.

Lost in Philly’s great 2004 run to the Super Bowl was this abomination by USM’s Pinkston. It is never a good thing when you get called out by national TV announcers (Mike Patrick, Joe Theismann, and Paul Maguire), who typically shun such chicanery.

He was one of the few deep threats in Philly’s arsenal and after this play his credibility diminished. Pinkston tore his Achillies prior to the ’05 season and was never the same.

10. Find out how many residents know who is in the Blue Man Group.

Hattiesburg resident Clifton Hyde is probably the best person to ask. After all, he is a member of the Blue Man Group.

See…there’s plenty more to do in Hattiesburg besides visit Favre at a high school and watch him mow his lawn.

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