Dallas Cowboys

Jimmy Johnson: Man of Leisure

Ok, I know I’m a day late and a dollar short on this but former Miami Hurricanes/Dallas Cowboys/Miami Dolphins/current NFL TV analyst/ExtenZe pitchman, Jimmy Johnson will appear on the upcoming season of CBS hit show Survivor.

That’s not the real news though. This cover of GQ from September 1994 is the attention grabber.

As a connoisseur of the ’90s Cowboys, did Johnson’s departure from Dallas deserve the cover story of GQ?

Essentially, that situation boiled down to massive egos and one guy wanting the lion’s share of the credit.

If you read Jeff Pearlman’s awesome book Boys Will Be Boys, you’d know that there were about 500 other items from that team that deserved a headline story over Johnson’s departure.

For example, what about Charles Haley? Read Pearlman’s book and you may scratch your head wondering how Dallas won three Super Bowls with Haley being for lack of a better term Charles Haley.

Sadly, these are the issues that keep me up at night sometimes.

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