Chad Ochocinco

Terrell Owens Is A Bengal…Get Your Popcorn Ready

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When the Cincinnati Bengals open the 2010 regular season against the New England Patriots, they will likely do so with Terrell Owens lining up opposite Chad Ochocinco, in what should be either high comedy, a Greek tragedy, or somewhere in between.

Owens signed a one-year deal with the Bengals and will join Ochocinco to form TOcho (?). While they will not be the best wide receiver tandem in the league, they’ll form perhaps the most flamboyant.

The Bengals ranked 26th in passing in 2009, brought in receiver Antonio Bryant to help matters but reports are circulating that Cincy developed “buyer’s remorse” when it came to the former Tampa Bay Buc. In fact, it looks like Bryant may appear on the PUP list for the Bengals very soon due to a knee injury.

Owens worked out with Bengals quarterback Carson Palmer during the offseason and the former USC Trojan quarterback was a definite proponent of T.O. coming to Cincinnati.

Then of course there is the reaction of Ochocinco. When interviewed on ESPN earlier today, Ochocinco said their games will be on pay-per-view beginning this season.

They will not make the Super Bowl or maybe even the playoffs, but you might want to invest in the NFL Sunday Ticket. It should be a show.

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