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NFL Owners Meet In Atlanta To Discuss “Enhanced” Season

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Jerry Jones and many of the other NFL owners may have plenty of reason to smile soon.

NFL owners will meet in Atlanta on Wednesday to discuss many league issues including the idea of an “enhanced” season.

While the idea of an “enhanced” season will be pushed in order to “give fans more football,” that is probably not the top priority for that decision.

Let’s be honest. Going to an 18-game schedule and in turn, reducing the preseason slate by two games will net the league more money.

Roger Goodell and company know this and instead of eating money, they will likely design a model to net them more loot.

The ultimate losers in this are the players, who drop like flies during a 16-game regular season schedule.

Tom Brady and Ray Lewis spoke out against adding more games and perhaps more players should.

The league has spent time over the last year educating teams and fans on the dangers of concussions. Adding two more games to the NFL slate shows what exactly their decisions are based on; money and not an overall concern to the players’ welfare.

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