JMRA Hall of Fame

The JMRA Hall of Fame – Class of 2010 Nominees

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We are approaching year two of the Joe Montana’s Right Arm Hall of Fame and that means it’s time for nominees. Instead of running a dictatorship, I will take your input for this go around…except for the Editor’s Award, which will go to a non-NFL party that in some way, shape, or form has contributed to the website.

As a part of the Class of ’10 inductions coming up later in the fall, we will also induct a game from NFL history.

Alas, there are 20 nominees. Only five of them will actually make it into the Hall. The highest vote totals will make it into the JMRA Hall of Fame.

For those new to this, the criteria is rather simple. The inductee must be…:

a contributor to the National Football League; an individual or group who enlightened society (most notably the website) through football or other means.

Once more, the Editor’s Award will go to an entity that is not necessarily directly related to the NFL but in some manner contributes to the productivity of this site.

Here is the list of the nominees:

Albert Haynesworth

Antonio Cromartie

Brenda Warner

Brett Favre

Brett Favre’s ankle

Buddy Ryan

Chad Ochocinco

Curtis Painter

Deion Sanders

Donovan McNabb

Gun-toting Saints Fans

Gus Johnson

Jerry Jones

Jimmy Johnson

Kurt Warner

LaDainian Tomlinson

Randy Moss

Terry Bradshaw

The Triplets (Troy Aikman, Emmitt Smith, Michael Irvin)

Tom Brady’s Hair

The polls will open on September 1. Stay tuned…

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