Donovan McNabb

25 Reasons Why Eagles Fans Should Cheer Donovan McNabb On Sunday

Today marks McNabb Bowl I. Much of the discussion entering Week 4’s Redskins/Eagles tilt revolves around whether the much-maligned Eagles fandom will reign boos down on their beloved quarterback.

Over the next 24 hours, you will surely hear about how vicious and cruel Philadelphia sports fan can be including the “booing of Santa Claus” and pelting Jimmy Johnson with snowballs.

Sunday afternoon though, Eagles fans have a chance to prove America wrong.

Realistically, there is no fundamental reason to boo Donovan McNabb when/if he is introduced to the Lincoln Financial Field crowd. It makes zero sense based of his accomplishments.

He said some ridiculous things. So what? That makes him athlete #10,503,689 to do so.

Five NFC titles games and a Super Bowl appearance does not make one a failure. In McNabb’s case, his success should be glorified considering the franchise’s brutal quarterback history.

I think it’s time to offer Eagles fans a reminder of why McNabb should be cheered through 25 simple reasons.

  1. Norm Snead
  2. Sonny Jurgensen
  3. Pete Liske
  4. John Reaves
  5. Mike Boryla
  6. Roman Gabriel
  7. Ron Jaworski
  8. Joe Pisarcik
  9. Scott Tinsley
  10. Guido Merkens
  11. Jim McMahon
  12. Brad Goebel
  13. Pat Ryan
  14. Ken O’Brien
  15. Rodney Peete
  16. Bubby Brister
  17. Ty Detmer
  18. Koy Detmer
  19. Bobby Hoying
  20. Doug Pederson
  21. Kevin Kolb
  22. Jeff Garcia
  23. A.J. Feeley
  24. Mark Rypien
  25. Randall Cunningham

Those names represent gentlemen who have started for the Eagles since 1961. A real group of winners, right?

Basically, McNabb is the greatest quarterback in Eagles history…period. There is no debate.

I’m a big Cunningham supporter but from 1987-1995, he won one playoff game as a Philly starter despite being infinitely more exciting than McNabb.

Meanwhile, the other names on this list fall well short of having significant credentials as an Eagles quarterback.

Before any Ron Jaworski loyalist hops on my back, answer this question.

What is a greater violation?

Losing a Super Bowl to arguably one of the ten greatest teams in NFL history or losing a Super Bowlto a wild-card team?

Advantage McNabb.

Folks, get off of your high horse on Sunday. Pay your respects to McNabb, even though he did this during the final game of his Eagles career:

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  1. Couldn’t agree more. I also left one out. Mike McMahon…brutal. People are really bitter in the Philly area over the air guitar incident. You wouldn’t believe it. I think that hasn’t helped matters. At least people wised up and cheered him today.

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