The Ten

The Ten: October 18

[picapp align=”center” wrap=”false” link=”term=mike+ditka&iid=1585502″ src=”″ width=”380″ height=”185″ /]

Today marks the birthday of Mike Ditka. He looks rather angry in this pic but then again, when is he not?

Anyhow, time for today’s deluge of the internet.

1. DeSean Jackson suffered a severe concussion yesterday after a collision with Dunta Robinson. This time, he is suffering memory loss.

2. Mad Men SPOILER ALERT! Don Draper gets his woman. Peggy will be heard from one of these days.

3. Brett Favre meets with the NFL tomorrow but Wrangler is being proactive by pulling all Favre ads.

4. Tom Brady spoke with WEEI in Boston this morning about Deion Branch and New England’s big win over the Ravens on Sunday.

5. Another Facebook privacy issue. Folks, stop playing Farmville.

6. Kissing Suzy Kolber offers a breakdown of Peter King’s Monday Morning Quarterback. As per usual, it’s an entertaining read.

7. TBS’ Ernie Johnson is already worried about his critics.

8. A Tecmo Super Bowl rendering of Schaub to Johnson over Kansas City on Sunday.

9. Kevin Kolb will start versus Tennessee. Wow, how shocking.

10. Terrell Owens is willing to pay a matchmaking service up to $150,000 to find him someone that looks like Kim Kardashian. Seriously.


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