Donovan McNabb

Donovan McNabb & The Two-Minute Drill

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So, if I’m going to replace a former Pro Bowl quarterback in the final two minutes of a six-point game, Rex Grossman might be the 131st quarterback that would come to mind in that spot.

Yesterday, Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan thought bringing in an ice-cold Rex Grossman with the game on the line was a good idea due to having a better knowledge of the two-minute offense.


Clearly, we are missing something here. Even if Grossman wrote the Washington manual on the two-minute drill, would you trust him to run it?

Considering Detroit’s Ndamukong Suh and Cliff Avril looked like Joe Greene and Dwight White yesterday, having McNabb’s mobility late might be important.

Anyhow, the debacle in Detroit got me thinking about McNabb and his two-minute drill competence as Washington’s quarterback.

Such a reactionary move by Shanahan must have some history behind it based off of McNabb’s performance this season right?

Well, not exactly.

Here is a look at McNabb’s possessions that began with under three minutes remaining in the first half:

Opp. Time Start End Start Plays-Yds Result
Wk 1 vs. DAL 1:42 


0:40 W5 6-15 Punt
Wk 2 vs. HOU 2:19 


1:24 W37 4-63 TD
Wk 2 vs. HOU 2:03 


1:01 W31 4-(-12) Punt
Wk 3 vs. STL 0:25 


0:00 W20 1-(-1) Half
Wk 3 vs. STL 1:39 


0:00 W27 7-43 Game
Wk 4 vs. PHI 0:15 


0:00 W20 1-(-1) Half
Wk 6 vs. IND 1:52 


0:31 W38 7-32 Missed FG
Wk 6 vs. IND 0:02 


0:00 W38 1-(-1) Half
Wk 6 vs. IND 2:13 


1:48 W38 4-0 Downs
Wk 6 vs. IND 0:32 


0:24 W20 1-0 INT
Wk 7 vs. CHI 0:17 


0:00 W18 1-(-1) Half
Wk 8 vs. CHI 2:16 


0:00 W13 7-38 Game
Wk 8 vs. DET 0:16 


0:00 D49 3-21 FG

As you can see, that’s a mixed bag. It doesn’t merit automatic admission into the Hall of Fame.

Neither should it give Shanahan a notion to put Grossman in the game during a crucial point.

While he only led one touchdown drive, most of the two-minute drills preceded the end of half or game.

Overall, the Redskins head into the bye week with a lot of unnecessary questions under center.

The Redskins need more weapons and better pass protections. I think it’s literally that simple.

Granted, McNabb looked old at times yesterday but bringing Grossman in makes little sense on the surface.

The Eagles are up next on Monday Night Football for the Skins. I’m sure both Shanahan and McNabb’s former boss, Andy Reid, will answer questions in some manner on this latest mess.

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