Brett Favre

The JMRA Hall of Fame: Class of 2010 – Brett Favre

The first of five individual group inductees to the JMRA Hall of Fame lands us on everyone’s favorite Wrangler wearin’, gunslingin’, lewd text messagin’ quarterback.



An NFL career that began in 1991 appears to be ending after an underwhelming follow up to one of the best years of Brett Favre’s 20 seasons.

However, what some fans will be afraid to admit is that they will secretly miss the scruffy Mississippi native.

Any logical human being cannot possibly believe that ESPN would show Favre on loop unless they had probable cause to do so.

Plus, America loves blue jeans…Wrangler in particular.

Whether he is allegedly text-messaging a body part to a former Jets employee, firing touchdown passes or blowing up in NFC title games, America needs Favre, just like a person needs heat in their home. They are just too stubborn to realize it.


1. Super Bowl XXXI – Favre leads Packers to first Super Bowl win since 1967 season.

2. This One’s For Dad – Favre’s father passes away and then he lights up the Raiders on Monday Night Football one day later.

3. The 4th and 26 game – Favre has his John Hancock on some of the top signature postseason meltdowns in league history. Here is an oldie but goodie from the ’03 playoffs versus the Eagles. People remember the Freddie Mitchell play but Favre’s overtime interception was chilling. To date, it’s the worst throw in a money spot I’ve ever seen.

4. 2007 – Favre throws an interception in the NFC title game in his final game as a Packer and then, retires for the first time.

5. “This isn’t Detroit man, this is the Super Bowl!!!!” – Favre throws a devastating interception during the 2009 NFC title game.

The true essence of Favre besides his toughness ultimately will be his indecisive nature.

He has retired and went back on his word more than once, which became a tired and trite dance.

Favre’s flip-flopping ways damaged an image of one of the league’s most beloved figures.

While he’ll head into retirement far removed from his golden days as a Packer, he’s a newly minted member of the JMRA Hall of Fame.

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