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Live Blog: AFC Playoffs – Jets at Pats: Footloose

The time is upon us for the final divisional playoff game of the weekend.

It’ll be difficult to surpass what we saw yesterday between the Ravensand Steelers but at the very least, it will be fun to make veiled foot jokes for the next three and a half hours.

4:25 – The live blog is open for business!

4:28 – To get in the mood for this game, I highly recommend this video.

4:34 – Much like the 45-3 meeting, Brady’s hair is covered up thanks to the weather, which is a balmy 29 degrees.

4:37 – BELICHICK DROPS THE HAMMER! Jim Nantz reports that Wes Welker will be benched at the beginning of the game. It is believed it is over the foot jokes made earlier in the week.


4:40 – Jets come out for the coin toss carrying Dennis Byrd’s jersey. Byrd was paralyzed in a game back in the early 90s. Pats lose the coin toss but defer.

4:44 – On a third and five, Sanchez misfires and we’ll see our first punt of the day. Cotchery was there. The throw was not.

4:47 – Two plays. Two first downs for the Patriots.

4:51 – A host of missed tackles by the Jets early on.

4:52 – Brady is intercepted (!!!!!) on a screen pass by David Harris. Jim Nantz nearly fell out of the booth on that one. The run back is deep into New England territory. By the way, that was Brady’s first INT in 360 attempts.

4:55 – Nick Folk misses a chip shot field goal. Rex Ryan is none too happy. A brutal sequence that features two negatives plays and a missed filed goal.

4:59 – Jets get a sack of Brady and then get called for a PF for a facemask.

5:00 – The disciplined Welker makes a catch on Revis Island that is good for a first down. Brady looks a tad rattled after that pick though.

5:01 – Brady finds the Crumpler, who makes Cromartie eat a stiff arm. RED ZONE ALERT for the Patriots.

5:05 – Brady is sacked by Shaun Ellis on third and five. Field goal time. Graham connects. Well, if you’re a Jets fan…this could be worse, right?


5:11 – Holmes was wide open but the pressure from the Pats got to Sanchez.

5:13 – Jets set up with LT to take a direct snap and Sanchez out of the game. They don’t get it off though. End of quarter. Disorganization folks is an enemy to us all.



5:16 – Sanchez misfires once more on third down. Keller was running down the seam. Punt time. Alas, the punt lands into the end zone.

5:18 – If the Pats pick up six here, I’d be worried if I’m a Jets backer. They don’t look good but are only down 3-0.

5:21 – Jets force a three and out with a sack by Drew Coleman. The Jets defense is jamming up Young Thomas thus far.

5:28 – Finally, the Jets convert on a third and medium. Sanchez hits on a long throw to Braylon Edwards. The drive is capped off by an LT reception for a score. He does a shimmy to celebrate. He’s a classy guy though. Just ask him. Game on.


5:32 – Another three and out by the Jets defense. Nowhere to go with the football for Brady.

5:37 – Jets go back to the same play they tried at the end of the first quarter but didn’t fire off. LT fumbles but recovers.

5:42 – Wonder if Belichick was talked into that challenge by his players. It would be nice if we could see a replay that wasn’t cut off or didn’t involve someone’s head dropping into the middle of the shot.

5:45- Pats lose the challenge….Third and five again…Pats hold. Punt time for Gotham City. A conservative but correct call not to go for it on fourth and one. Too bad Steve Weatherford kicked it into the end zone again.

5:49 – Two minute warning in Foxborough. Again, nowhere to go with the ball for Brady…except to BJGE. Neither Tight End of Doom or any of the wideouts have played a significant factor.

5:54 – Patriots have the fake punt on and Patrick Chung drops the snap as the up man. Ouch. Jets recover. Great opportunity here.

5:57 – Pats put on a blitz but Sanchez on a slant to Edwards for six. He carries two men into the end zone and the Jets have a two score lead.


6:02 – Logan Mankins takes a personal foul call near midfield to end a stunning first half of football at Gillette. I’ve said it before and all keep saying it. Nowhere to go with the football for Brady. By the way, that dropped fake punt by Chung is as good as a turnover.



6:15 – And we’re off…

6:18 – This New England’s largest deficit since Thanksgiving…Third and one gets blown up by New York’s front. No sneak?!?!

6:20 – Bad way for the Pats to start the second half. Drive stalls near the 50.

6:24 – Another third and medium coming up for the Jets…Pats need to swing momentum.

6:25 – New England gets some help with a draw call, which they stop. Eww. Did not like that call.

6:28 – Jason Whitlock offers thoughts on New England offense:!/WhitlockJason/status/26781315529445376

6:31 – FUMBLE!! Brady hit and it’s recovered by New England. That may have been the ball game there…3rd and 22.

6:35 – This realllllllllly doesn’t look good for New England.

6:39 – Another third and six for the Jets…and Sanchez throws incomplete. The play of the game so far for my money is the Harris pick of Brady in the first quarter. They would have put the Jets in an early hole. Instead, they outplayed them in the first and only led 3-0.

6:45 – Brady hits a seam to Gronkowski but a third and nine looms.

6:46 – Brady finally hits Branch for a first down and the Pats are on the move. I think Rex is beginning to sweat…just a bit.

6:51 – Alas…a Patriot TD. Alge Crumpler, who apparently is the only Patriot who can consistently get open today.

6:52 – Sammy Morris leaps into the end zone for two. Morris hasn’t been seen the whole game. Jets should have seen that one coming. Welllayed New England.


6:54 – There is a beeping noise going off in my head….Ah yes, they may be the sound of the Jets trying to back into victory here. Let’s keep our eye on it.



6:58 – Jets open with a 58-yard reception by Cotchery. Obviously, they must hold for three.

6:59 – On a third and four, Holmes makes an impossible touchdown grab. The Jets answer right back. A crushing score by the Jets.


7:02 – Thanks to that drive, the Patriots probably need to go in four down mode from here on out as long as its in a reasonable position.

7:04 – Ok, maybe that was reactionary commentary. Touchdown, stop, touchdown.

7:05 – Woodhead fumbles. Somehow, Mankins recovers in a pile with three Jet players.

7:09 – The Patriots are very methodical with this drive. Hmmm…

7:11 – Can’t Belichick override the playcalling. Too patient.

7:13 – Patriots are going for it on 4th and 13 with five minutes left. I said it earlier, in the Patriots playoff preview…you’ve got to get Brady off the spot. The Jets have done that.

7:16 – Branch drops the ball on fourth down. There is your ball game folks.

7:19 – By the way, if Bill Belichick’s name was Andy Reid he would get savaged for that last drive.

7:21 – Patriots defense holds. Look, you can’t pin this game on the defense. They played reasonably well. They only had one brutal drive, but it came after New England’s offense finally came alive.

7:23 – Well, the Jets refuse to make this easy and give up a huge punt return to Edelman of 41 yards.

7:29 – The Jets clamp down on the Pats in the red zone. New England attempts to run the FG unit on the field prior to the two-minute warning but it doesn’t work.

7:30 – Graham is on to cut it to a seven-point game…and he does.


7:32 – Onside kick here? Don’t think so but they have two timeouts left.

7:33 – WOW! The onside kick rolls directly into the hands of Cromartie who runs down the sideline to the Patriots 20.

7:36 – Shonn Greene turns out the lights on the Patriots and scores. Ryan runs into the end zone and the Jets get flagged for a celebration penalty.


7:42 – A cosmetic score tacked on by the Patriots off the touchdown catch by Branch from Brady.


7:47 – It’s over. Woah. That was not Bill Belichick’s (or Tom Brady’s) finest hour as a coach. Someone better keep the alcohol away from Bill Simmons. 


SUMMARY: The Jets are on their way to the AFC title game thanks to a stand up effort by New York’s defense.

The two big plays were the drop by Crumpler and the Brady interception on the opening drive.

Of course, you could write a dissertation on all of the second half errors.

Just a terrible loss for the Patriots. Meanwhile, Braylon Edwards is still doing flips near midfield I think.

Good night all.

Once again, the football lords have smiled upon those in Pittsburgh.

Oh, one last thing.

Here is Bill Simmons’s thoughts on today’s game:!/sportsguy33/status/26800145546878976



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