Mark Sanchez

Deadspin: Mark Sanchez Allegedly Dating 17-Year-Old

Deadspin reports that New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez is romantically linked to a 17-year-old Connecticut high schooler.

Eliza Kruger met Sanchez at a New York club on New Year’s Eve and soon after her encounter with the former USC Trojan quarterback, she went straight to Facebook to announce her run-in with the “Sanchise.”

According to state laws, which Kruger was aware of, New Jersey’s age of consent is 16.

Deadspin’s account reveals pics provided by Kruger and more details of their encounters including one at Sanchez’s home.

Oh those crazy New York Jets.

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  1. I love how this crap is being blown out of proportion for no reason.

    Jeez Louise and a cheesy butter biscuit dipped in palm oil on a Sunday morning in Fresno!

    His private life is his private life. I don’t care about what he does and nobody else should either, but of course that’s not the case. I like people who have social lives. I like people who have social lives better than people who are strictly internet nerds.

    She’s 17, in New York. Legal. She was in a CLUB, where apparently they met. She’s 17 — looks like she’s 20. Mark’s a young dude, has girls on him all the time — he’s an NFL QB! He can do whatever the hell he wants.

    I mean, is it good judgment? Maybe not, but was it good judgment this morning when you decided to change into the right lane without using your blinker?

    The only guys who are complaining about Sanchez being with this girl are 5’5″ fat guys who are built like moles and will never pull off a girl that’s substantially attractive in their lifetimes. They are bitter and want everybody else to be bitter. Hilarious.

    Anyway, I’m getting off my soapbox. Keep it up, JMRA.

  2. Well put! It’s odd looking certainly and probably not the smartest career move for a guy of his stature to do that if he wants to have a long-term future with endorsements. At the end of the day it’s legal though.

    Just gives the anti-Jets contingent more ammunition.

  3. Well of course u guys think its fine. If its true that mark and the slut allegedly hooked up, that’s disgusting. And for one, wouldn’t you want to be respected and looked at like a clean and respected guy? And eliza kruger of course doesn’t care because she think its really cool and wants to be a skank and share it with the world!!! And if I were him I would break up with her just for that! Hopefully there not really together, I mean she’s the only one talking about the “relationship”.. anyways hopefully slutty kruger finds something else to do than be overly excited with her “boyfriend”?

  4. From a legal standpoint, he’s not doing anything wrong.

    However, in the common sense area, it’s spectacularly foolish under the circumstances.

    If I ran an NFL team, would I advise my franchise quarterback to carry on with a 17-year-old girl?


    Plus, I don’t think those on Madison Avenue will line up to sign him to endorsement deals either.

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