Mark Sanchez

Not To Worry Jets Fans, Mark Sanchez Is Linked To Kate Upton

At this point of his football career, it appears that “Mark Sanchez, New York playboy” is easily outpacing “Mark Sanchez, New York Jets quarterback” after speculation that the signal caller is seeing supermodel Kate Upton.

Today’s New York Post details the relationship between Sanchez and the 19-year-old Upton, which reportedly began back in November.

Upton, who is a big Jets fan (perhaps largely due to her sister, Christie, working for the team), has received numerous visits from Sanchez to her Manhattan apartment.

According to the Post report, the two are “just friends.”

I’m not Dr. Ruth but I’m guessing if someone is rolling up to a young lady’s home for late-night hangouts with gifts in arm that would probably suggest the “we’re just friends” angle is code for this.

Despite the alleged dalliances with Upton, here is my favorite passage from the Post article:

Last week, we revealed Sanchez was also spotted entertaining two mystery women in one night at the Moderne Hotel.

He checked in with an alluring Spanish-looking brunette at 3 a.m., and after she left, an attractive blonde joined him in his room for just over an hour before they left at the same time. It is not clear whether this was Upton or her sister.

In case you haven’t noticed, the 8-6 Jets are in the middle of a playoff race and coming off of an embarrassing 45-19 loss to the Eagles last Sunday.

Look, I’m not suggesting this is what ails the play of Mark Sanchez because the Jets have been in this spot before but it makes one wonder about a guy who lost first team practice reps to the 41-year-old Mark Brunell…for the second season in a row.

I get that Mark Sanchez plays in the New York market. He is a single guy in the biggest city in the world. Can you blame him for expanding a growing list of beauties that he has dated?

The problem lies within the team’s results. If this is normal, standard procedure for Sanchez and the team repeatedly fails to reach their ultimate goal, shouldn’t he change something? New York is the AFC’s eternal sixth seed since 2009 and if they reach the playoffs in 2011, they’ll find themselves in that same spot.

Sanchez’s play since his rookie season resembles the Great American Scream Machine; not of a potential Super Bowl winner.

It’s clear that Rex Ryan wants the Jets to be the toast of New York but that can’t happen if Sanchez’s efforts annually conspire to place the team on the outskirts of the postseason.

Unfortunately for Ryan’s troops, Sanchez’s off-field exploits are becoming far more well-known than his on-the-field productivity. After all, the Jets pay him over $10 million per year to be a success on the field and not a lothario.

On a side note, good job Mark. She definitely looks like a keeper.

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