New York Jets

Captain, My Captain: Santonio Holmes Debacle Symbolizes Jets!/JennyVrentas/status/153867027189219328

Just three weeks ago, the New York Jets were 8-5 and seemed poised to make another appearance in the playoffs.

However, after three straight losses to close the season, the Jets are out of the mix and perhaps, in need of some good-old fashioned NFL plastic surgery to its coaching staff and roster following Sunday’s 19-17 loss to the Miami Dolphins.

During yesterday’s loss, Jets receiver (and team captain) Santonio Holmes was benched late in the game by offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer. Once removed from the game, Holmes unbuckled his pads and watched the festivities from the bench.

Then, media questioning led to Holmes abruptly ending a postgame press conference. Then, on Monday morning Holmes was escorted away from another round of questioning by the Jets PR staff.

Despite his knack for producing in big spots, Holmes was questioned regarding his lack of effort and intensity in Miami. Yet, his apparent selfishness is a team-wide epidemic.

The Jets played like individuals and not a team for much of the season. Unfortunately for New York, it starts at the top with boisterous nature of head coach Rex Ryan.

After reaching two straight AFC title games, Ryan thought it was a great idea to guarantee a Super Bowl during last February’s NFL Scouting Combine. The Jets need far less talking and far more doing.

It appears the team follows Ryan’s lead and that is a dangerous course.

The best thing Ryan could do at this point is regain control of the team. One way to do that is to either release Holmes or at the minimum remove him as a captain. If a captain gets removed from a game by the coaching staff, that sends out a message suggesting that he is not a leader.

Yesterday was just another confirmation that there seemed to be far too much “Disease of Me” stuff running rampant with the Jets. Thus, they got a much-deserved result.

Of course, having a quarterback who showed zero growth at the position this season and made news during the season’s final three weeks for his off-the-field conquests didn’t help either.

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