JMRA Week In Review

The JMRA Week In Review: Cinderella, Cinderella

While sifting the wreckage of your NCAA tournament office pool, take some time out to peep these links.

In slightly related lockout news, Chad Johnson will play for Sporting KC, an MLS soccer team, during a reserve game on Monday. Also, Ravens defensive back Tom Zbikowski is now 3-0 as a boxer.

Eagles offensive tackle Jason Peters was arrested days ago for disturbing the peace. Why? His music was too loud.

Dez Bryant needs to hike up his pants and speak to Deion Sanders, who is jumping off the bandwagon.

J.M. Tyree wrote about VCU basketball’s head coach, Shaka Smart. Tyree knows a thing or two about Smart. They are brothers.

To those young kiddies out there, here is a tremendous interactive timeline on Elizabeth Taylor’s life and times.

Tim Tebow is a model…well, sort of.

Laura Vikmanis is the oldest cheerleader in the NFL. Hollywood is set to produce a movie about the 42-year-old’s life.

America needs to pay attention to the Professor, Matt Howard.

DeSean Jackson hung out on Jimmy Kimmel Live last week.

The New York Times paywall is coming to get you on Monday.

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