NFL Lockout

NFL Lockout Day #31: Chris Cooley Learns About Pottery

Yep. The NFL Lockout is now a month old and it appears the end is not in sight.

Instead of participating in offseason conditioning programs or some other football-related activity, Washington Redskins tight end Chris Cooley is using his time for a far different venture…pottery.

During the lockout, Cooley entrenched himself into the pottery industry by making vases and bowls. In fact, he has his own shop in Leesburg, Va., called The Cooley Gallery.

The lockout can’t receive total credit for Cooley’s love of pottery. Since December 3, he has crafted 700 pieces.

It seems that Cooley’s hobby is a bit closer to the front of his mind than football at the moment.

Cooley made his feelings clear on the lockout recently to The Washington Post:

“I don’t care; it just doesn’t affect me right now. When I’ll be pissed off is when the third paycheck doesn’t come. I’ll give up one and then have to deal with missing two maybe. But after that, I’ll be like, ‘This is costing me a (expletive)-load of money.’

While Cooley has pulled in $50,000 in sales from his work, it appears he would much rather draw an NFL paycheck come this fall.

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