JMRA Week In Review

The JMRA Week In Review: The Many Tales of Marriage

Hopefully you’re not amongst the masses spending money on a commemorative coin for the Royal Wedding. Nonetheless, this week was marked by looming nuptials for a few athletes.

Ben Roethlisberger is getting married to a young lady that he dated “on and off” for the past five years. Todd Herremans was not amused by the religious ways of Roethlisberger.

Soon before the Phillies crushed the Mets on Thursday afternoon, Phils first baseman Ryan Howard announced that he will marry Eagles cheerleader Krystle Campbell.

The Frozen Four concluded last night with Minnesota-Duluth defeating Michigan 3-2 in overtime during the national title game. UMD’s Kyle Schmidt scored the game-winner and was the only player on the squad who refused to dye his hair blond. Why? Because he’s getting married soon.

In case you care, the Beastie Boys are back.

Over the weekend, I was in an elevator with supporters of Butler golf. Maybe I should have asked them if the basketball team was still missing shots in Houston…or too soon?

The Brady 6 will debut on April 12 and will feature a teary-eyed TB12.

Randy Moss to the Jets???

Bacon cologne?

Speaking of the Jets, Santonio Holmes will not sign his tender.

Jay Cutler spent two weeks in Kenya last month.

Bill Polian says it might be time for the Colts to draft Peyton Manning’s replacement.

There might be a lockout, but Aaron Rodgers is having a good time.

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