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JMRA’s 17 Favorite Games of the 2011 NFL Season

Well, in the event that the NFL season happens, here is a rundown of 17 great games to keep an eye on.

Week 1 – Dallas at NY Jets: Tony Romo’s first game back after missing most of 2010 will include a barrage of blitzing from Rex Ryan. Romo will likely put his best foot forward.

Week 2 – Philadelphia at Atlanta: Sure, Michael Vick already did the homecoming bit in ’09. This time he returns as the starter to face one of the NFC’s best teams.

Week 3 – Green Bay at Chicago: Surely some Packers fans will appear at Soldier’s Field with knee braces and crutches in tow.

Week 4 – NY Jets at Baltimore: I’m not actually interested in the game. I’m more interested in all the pregame woofing that will take place between the two teams. 

Week 5 – Chicago at Detroit: The Lions make their first Monday Night Football appearance since a 35-0 whipping by St. Louis in 2001. Make it a good one Detroit.

Week 6 – New Orleans at Tampa Bay: I’m all in with the Josh Freeman era.

Week 7 – Indianapolis at New Orleans: I’m guessing Peyton Manning will be a bit more aware of Tracy Porter in this game?

Week 8 – Dallas at Philadelphia: A Sunday night game in Philly versus the Cowboys. Thank you sir, may I have another?

Week 9 – NY Giants at New England: This marks their first legit battle since Super Bowl XLII. Asante Samuel and David Tyree will not be on hand for this one.

Week 10 – New England at NY Jets: The second time they met in 2010, New England won 45-3.

Week 11 – Tampa Bay at Green Bay: Hopefully you are not old enough to remember the 1990 Anthony Dilweg/Vinny Testaverde battle.

Week 12 – New England at Philadelphia: I’m willing to move heaven and earth to be there.

Week 13 – Indianapolis at New England: Enjoy each of these games. We don’t have too many more left.

Week 14 – Chicago at Denver: The Cutler Bowl! The booing and loathing from Broncos fans will be quite palpable.

Week 15 – Green Bay at Kansas City: Any time there is a Super Bowl I rematch, you have to approve. BBQ and bratwurst for everyone.

Week 16 – NY Giants at NY Jets: How chatty will Rex be in this one?

Week 17 – Dallas at NY Giants: Shades of the epic close to the ’93 regular season? Maybe not but I’m guessing either a playoff berth or head coaching job will be on the line…or both.

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